Kourtney Kardashian Ate Quail Eggs To Help With Fertility. Does It Actually Work?

On Season 1, Episode 9 of "The Kardashians", Kourtney Kardashian opened up about a new health practice she admits to using to help with fertility — eating quail eggs. Over lunch with a friend, Stephanie Shepherd, Kardashian shares her unconventional "baby-making" method stating, "I have to eat quail eggs every day, too" (via Distractify).

Wanting to clarify, Shepherd asked, "why can't you just eat a regular egg?" to which Kardashian responded, "I don't know" (via People).

According to Distractify, Kardashian admitted later to the camera, "Quail eggs supposedly are useful when trying to have a baby. But I'm not sure if that's, like, documented online. I haven't looked it up."

Naturally, this led us to question this fertility diet and investigate, does eating quail eggs actually work?

One registered dietitian who concentrates on women's health, Tamsin Jordan, explains that there's no strong evidence this fertility diet works, even though quail eggs have nutrients that support fertility (via Insider). Besides, there are bigger factors that play a role when it comes to fertility outside of eating quail eggs. Jordan points out that these factors include physiology, genetics, eating a high fiber and nutrient-rich diet, age, and lifestyle habits such as alcohol consumption.

Then what's so special about eating quail eggs?

Similar to chicken eggs, quail eggs support overall health. These small eggs typically have freckled dark brown spots and come from birds native to regions throughout the globe. One quail egg is 14 calories, with 1 gram of protein and 1 gram of fat (via WebMD). They also contain folate, vitamin B, vitamin A, choline, and iron. Some of these nutrients are fertility-boosting, points out Healthline.

One 2017 study tested on diabetic mice found the consumption of quail eggs can reduce oxidative stress and support testicular cell repair. Jordan explains that the protein content in the eggs supports tissue repair and growth, aids with digestion, and helps you build muscle (via Insider). Yet these claims are limited and because conception is complex by nature, more research is needed to prove how this directly affects fertility.

Still, Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker continue to open up about their fertility journey with IVF, even if their methods seem a bit unconventional (per People).