What Science Says About Babies Born In June

Whatever you may think of it, astrology has been upheld for millennia. Categorized as a form of divination by some and pseudoscience by others, it is defined as the interpretation of celestial bodies and how their positions in the sky affect the daily lives of human beings (per Britannica).

In astrology, June babies fall under one of two signs, depending on which part of the month they were born in. The beginning and middle of the month are for Geminis, a sign recognized for the duality of their nature (per Co–star). They are known to be charismatic, social, curious, and quick-witted, if not a little flakey. Cancers rule the second part of June, and they are our soft, sensitive creatures with a tendency to be emotional and devoted to a fault.

While these profiles aren't considered credible in the eyes of the scientific community, scientists have been looking into a link between people's physical and emotional traits and their birth months... but they insist that you don't get it twisted. It's not astrology, but rather something they've begun referring to as seasonal biology (per Science Daily).

How your birth month affects your personality

One study published in the Journal of Affective Disorders found a link between season of birth, temperament, and most notably, the likelihood to develop mood disorders in the future. In a press release put out by the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology, Xenia Gonda — the lead researcher on the study — claims that the season you were born in can have a real and lifelong effect on the neurotransmitters that release dopamine and serotonin which can, in turn, lead to different mood disorders.

The report went on to suggest that people born in the summer are more likely to lean towards cyclothymic and hyperthymic temperaments. In other words, people born in June, July, and August may have a more positive outlook — perhaps excessively so — compared to people born in the fall and winter. However, those same little sunflowers may also be more prone to moodiness and mood swings, experiencing emotional highs and lows on a different scale than their cold-weather counterparts.

Can being born in June have an effect on my body, too?

A pleasant demeanor isn't the only thing a June birthday can bestow upon you. Research has indicated that the season during which you were in gestation — and subsequently the season you were born in — might also play a role in your physiology.

A study published in Heliyon involving 450,000 participants found that people born in the summer had higher birth weights and grew up to be taller adults than those born in the winter. They credit this to the amount of vitamin D babies are able to absorb in utero, specifically during the second and third trimesters.

In another study published in Ophthalmology, a group of researchers determined that those born in June or July are more likely to have myopia — or nearsightedness – than those born in December and January. Co-author of the study Michael Belkin says this is likely due to the fact that June and July babies have more perinatal exposure to natural light (per Canadian Broadcasting Corporation).

So there you have it, June bugs! If anyone has ever laughed at your astrological self-assessments, now you have evidence to support the idea that you are the tallest and most pleasant of us all!