Plant-Based Boxer And Personal Trainer Kollins Ezekh On Training For Peak Performance - Exclusive Interview

Kollins Ezekh started training Muay Thai, a traditional form of kickboxing, when he was just 12 years old. Growing up in Thailand, he had access to some of the best Muay Thai trainers in the world, and he fell in love with the sport. As he got older, Ezekh started training in other martial arts, including boxing, and he discovered a passion for teaching people how to train their bodies to achieve peak performance. He became a personal trainer and started sharing his boxing and conditioning workouts on YouTube.

In 2015, Ezekh started learning about the impacts the meat industry has on the environment, and he decided that transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle was the most ethical choice he could make. Ezekh became a vocal supporter of veganism and used his platforms as a fitness trainer and influencer to educate people about how a plant-based diet can fuel peak performance and promote incredible gains. 

In an exclusive interview with Health Digest, Ezekh shared how he fuels his intense workouts while maintaining a vegan diet and revealed how people should work out to maximize progress toward their specific goals.

Fueling your workouts with a vegan diet

When did you start boxing, and how did you get into it?

I grew up in Thailand and began Thai Boxing at 12 years old.

How long have you been a vegan, and what made you decide to adopt a plant-based lifestyle?

I started my plant-based lifestyle in March of 2015  — seven years ago. I became aware of the impact meat production has on the environment and found that a plant-based lifestyle would help raise awareness and reduce consumption.

There's a common misconception that vegan diets don't provide enough protein to support an extremely active lifestyle. What kinds of protein-rich foods do you eat regularly to fuel your body?

There are several vegan options that are high in protein. Some of the foods that I regularly incorporate into my diet are legumes, beans, and protein shakes.

What do you eat before and after your workouts?

My first workout is usually at 5:00 a.m., which leaves little room for a meal before, but I usually eat a protein shake and avocado toast after.

How does a vegan diet impact gut health?

It helps promote overall good health since you are consuming foods rich in nutrients, fibers, and protein.

Tailoring your workouts for sport-specific performance

Which type of workouts should athletes focus on: sport-specific workouts, strength training, or conditioning? Or all three?

My recommendation is to focus on workouts specific to conditioning for that sport. For example, bodybuilding is counterproductive to boxing as it may result in reduced speed, but cardio will help improve speed.

How do you incorporate rest into your weekly workout schedule?

I try to take a day off to allow my body enough time to recover.

How do you take care of your body to prevent injuries?

Cold showers, Epsom salt baths, pilates, yoga, and a visit to the chiropractor are some of the ways I take care of my body.

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