This Is How Long It Takes For Magnesium To Start Working

Magnesium is a soft, white metal birthed in the stars with the melding of helium and neon. On our planet, magnesium is found in the Earth's crust and dissolved in seawater (per Live Science). Magnesium is a critical mineral for human survival. In fact, Medline Plus says the human body requires magnesium to fuel over 300 biochemical reactions. Our bodies use magnesium to keep muscles supple, regulate brain activity for good mental health, support a good night's sleep, and promote heart health (via Healthline). Magnesium can even alleviate some symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and could help prevent migraine headaches. But how long does it take for magnesium to start working?

That depends. Magnesium supplements are available in pills, powders, creams, and bath salts. Using the correct magnesium supplement for your specific need is important for effective treatment. Some symptoms can be relieved, at least to some extent, immediately. But other issues require consistent or preventive use (via Healthline). 

Magnesium supplements work differently for each condition

The human body doesn't make magnesium on its own. Traditionally, humans have gotten magnesium from food. Unfortunately, Mount Sinai warns, many people today don't get the total magnesium required for optimal physical and mental function from diet alone. And, even if you do, some health conditions and lifestyle habits like having too much coffee, soda, alcohol, or salt can deplete magnesium in the body.

Daily supplements can help ensure your body has enough magnesium to support a healthy body and mind. How fast those supplements work depends on the issue you're trying to address and the medium you're using. Suppose you want to relax sore muscles, soothe arthritis pain, or relieve stress. In that case, WebMD says pouring Epsom salts into a warm bath can offer immediate relief. The same could do double duty as a sleep aid if you take the bath at night. Topical magnesium remedies include sprays, gels, and creams.

Oral magnesium supplements vary in how long they take to work. Healthline documents several studies illustrating treatment timelines. People taking magnesium supplements for migraine experienced fewer migraines after three months. Adults taking magnesium for depression saw a noticeable improvement in symptoms after two weeks. Subjects taking magnesium for insomnia fell asleep faster and slept longer after eight weeks of daily use.