Certified Trainer Frankie Alvarado Says You Don't Need To Diet To Sculpt The Perfect Booty - Exclusive

Contrary to popular belief, dieting and eating "super clean" won't help with sculpting the perfect booty. The key to getting a bigger butt is sticking with a glute workout program and consuming booty-building foods. Nutrition is important, but limiting calories isn't going to give you a bodacious butt. Frankie Alvarado, fitness expert and founder of the 12-week booty building series called "Peachgainz," has his clients "eat everything and anything with high calories and good protein."

Frankie helps women learn how to lean out and sculpt the perfect booty through his program. He is a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified trainer and has quickly become a TikTok star with 600,000 followers. He has many famous clients, including celebrities and influencers. In an exclusive interview with Health Digest, Frankie shares his tips for what to eat and why dieting doesn't work for booty building. 

Dieting isn't the only answer

In Frankie's TikTok videos, he often mentions that his booty building program isn't about dieting or cutting calories. Frankie's niche is actually helping girls gain weight by building a booty: "All you need to do for your body to transform is to track your calories and protein — you're either in a caloric surplus to gain weight, or a caloric deficit to lose weight. Your booty and lower body muscles growing will transform your physique because of the amount of muscle mass being built." 

Frankie recommends that if you struggle to gain weight, you most likely have a very fast metabolism, so don't force yourself to diet or "eat super clean" — relax and enjoy some higher calorie meals. "Cleaner plates carry less calories," says Frankie. "I also preach it's good to have a balance of both, as long as the calories and protein are being reached."

Try pairing your training program with these booty-building foods: salmon, flax seeds, eggs, quinoa, legumes, brown rice, protein shakes, avocados, pumpkin seeds, tofu, and nut butters (via Healthline).

Big booty secrets

Frankie's ideal client is looking to gain weight and build a booty. He emphasizes that there's a big difference between weightlifting and cardio. Lifting weights helps to build muscle, while cardio burns calories. Frankie recommends that if you are trying to gain weight, you should stay away from cardio, but if you are looking to lose weight, then you "should implement cardio into [your] routine to burn calories to help keep [yourself] in a caloric deficit." Do you need both weightlifting and cardio in your workout routine to build a booty? No, says Frankie: "You do not need cardio to build a booty, I tell my clients to stay away from it."

In addition to eating your calories and protein, Frankie recommends working out your booty at least three times a week, focusing on glute-isolation exercises. He also advises incorporating progressive overload, which is moderately increasing the weight or resistance you use, or the number of repetitions you do in your workout routine. Most importantly: stay consistent!

You can follow Frankie on TikTok and visit Frankie's website for more information about the new Peachgainz app.