Monistat Brand Ambassador Dr. Taraneh Shirazian On TikTok Vaginal Health Myths - Exclusive Interview

You can find plenty of health advice on TikTok, but is it always the best source of information? For instance, maintaining vaginal health is a pretty important topic and a quick search on the creation platform yields endless tips and "lifesaving" tricks from frequent posters and healthcare professionals alike. While some of the content provides real facts and guidance, other videos, like those that purport to show how to do a vaginal steam for optimal health, should definitely be taken with a grain of salt. 

To find out the difference between truths and tall tales on TikTok on the subject of vaginal health, Health Digest talked exclusively to Dr. Taraneh Shirazian, an OB/GYN and Monistat Brand Ambassador. In our interview, she helps to weed through the myths you may come across on the social media site and also offers sound, medical advice on vaginal health best practices on topics like infections and yes, steaming.

TikTok myths abound but there's a way to determine fact from fiction

Can you share a bit about your background and your role as the Monistat brand ambassador?

I am a board-certified gynecologist in New York City who's been practicing for over 15 years. I believe in patient education, advocacy and access to accurate health information and products. In my role as a brand ambassador for Monistat, I hope to educate women on their vaginal health, and expand the conversation around needed care for women.

What are some specific myths about vaginal health that users may come across on TikTok?

"Vaginal cleansing" and steaming seems to be a popular trend, even though there's no evidence that this works, and it may in fact precipitate vaginal infections.

In general, how can users sift through TikTok content related to feminine care to determine which information is accurate and which is not?

It can be difficult if it's an independent post. To determine if something you see online is accurate, I would recommend cross checking any information you come across with a health resource like a health magazine or website or ask your healthcare provider.

Your healthcare provider knows best

Can you share some vaginal health best practices?

Change out of underwear and clothing quickly after sweating, minimize high-sugar foods, and eat well. Vaginal health comes from the inside out. If you think you have an infection like yeast, it's best to treat it early and completely so that it doesn't linger. I suggest using an OTC treatment such as Monistat to effectively clear a yeast infection.

What are warning signs related to vaginal health that a person should seek medical attention for — instead of getting advice from TikTok?

Vaginal itching, burning, pain, and discharge that is green, yellow and has an odor can all be warning signs that you have an infection. If you notice any of these symptoms, you should contact your doctor.

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