The Two Fitness Routines Jessica Biel Swears By

Jessica Biel got her body rock-hard to prepare her to play a crossbow-wielding vampire fighter in "Blade: Trinity." According to ESPN, Biel's always been into fitness. She grew up as a gymnast and played soccer while working on the show "7th Heaven." The ballet classes she took in her late teens helped her develop the graceful posture for her role in the 2008 film, "Easy Virtue."

As of 2018, Biel loved working out with her husband Justin Timberlake whenever their schedules allowed, incorporating circuit training to help mix things up (via Self). She also impresses her trainer, Ben Bruno, with her skater squats focusing on the eccentric phase (via Women's Health).

Biel credits her sports background for giving her body confidence and helping her deal with life's stresses (per ESPN). She sees fitness as an essential part of her career. Although she enjoys variety in her workouts, plyometrics and yoga are two vital parts of her routine (via Women's Health).

Find explosive power through plyometrics

Jessica Biel's Instagram account shows her sweating through some tough workouts. One post has her doing squat jumps, a grueling move that's part of plyometrics.

According to the National Academy of Sports Medicine, plyometrics involves three phases. The first phase is the eccentric movement where the muscle is primed and pre-stretched. If you're doing a squat jump, this is when you lower your body into the squat position. The second phase is called amortization, where the muscles and joints are briefly stabilized. It's also when the energy within the muscle recoils and prepares to fire. The third phase is the explosive concentric contraction of the muscle, or when you actually jump in the air.

Plyometrics might be difficult if you're new to fitness. A 2015 article in the International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy recommends having some degree of preparation before busting a set of squat jumps. Instead, you can start by doing step-ups on a platform. If you're already a fitness warrior, plyometrics can step up your game. Healthline suggests burpees and lateral bounds to blast the lower body.

Find balance through yoga

Biel told Women's Health that yoga helped her navigate her life in her twenties and connect with her spirituality. According to Shape, she loves yoga for its non-competitive environment. She recognized as she got older that her sports mindset wasn't about being kind to her body. Yoga helps her listen to her body and know her limits. Yoga also reshaped her idea of fitness, recognizing that its value comes from how it makes her feel, not how it makes her look. Although she enjoys moving through the yoga postures, she feels the focus on breathwork practices keeps her more grounded and balanced.

According to Harvard Medical School, yoga can benefit you beyond your ability to hold downward-facing dog. Like Biel, research has found that yoga practitioners have better body awareness and become more accepting of their bodies. Breathing practices like ujjayi and alternate nostril breathing can lower stress, improve sleep, and boost your brain function (per Healthline).