What You Shouldn't Do After Having An UltraClear™ Laser Treatment, According To Dr. Chip Cole - Exclusive

If you've ever held off on a cosmetic laser treatment or chemical peel because the process seemed too long and involved, we've got good news: Imperfections on the skin are easier than ever before to fix. An UltraClear™ laser treatment is a quick and nearly painless procedure that can give you the glowing skin you've always dreamed about having — and the entire treatment takes less time than you may expect. Within a matter of minutes, your wrinkles, dark spots, scars, fine lines, and discolorations can start to disappear.

Even better? You can head straight back to work (or play) afterward, because there's no downtime at all. "The recovery period is extremely brief, which makes it an ideal treatment to be done as a three- to five-session series for optimal results and continued maintenance," oculofacial plastic surgeon Dr. Harvey "Chip" Cole explained during an exclusive interview with Health Digest. "Many people receive only one treatment to obtain a 'glow' for the weekend or a special event in the near future."

While you may be able to go back to living your life after an UltraClear™ laser treatment, there are still a few things that Dr. Cole advises his patients not to do.

Simple precautions can help you avoid side effects

Though any sort of side effects aren't likely after having an UltraClear™ laser treatment, it's important to listen to the advice your doctor tells you as you leave their office. "There should be no side effects if the post-treatment instructions are followed," Dr. Chip Cole told Health Digest.

After one treatment, the skin will be sensitive and can even be a bit pink in color. It's important to be gentle with the affected areas as it recovers. "If a client does not follow instructions and uses aggressive scrubs, harsh soaps, or sun exposure [while] healing, then side effects could be possible," Dr. Cole advised. A sun hat and gentle washing — perhaps using something your doctor can recommend — should keep your newly-treated skin in peak condition for seeing the best results from the procedure.

If any irritation does occur after having an UltraClear™ laser treatment, Dr. Cole said that "applying a bland topical lubricant such as Aquaphor is ideal for rapid healing and minimal discomfort." 

For more information on UltraClear™ laser treatments, check out their website.