Anti-Aging Expert Oz Garcia Shares His Tips For Living Longer - Exclusive

When A-list nutritionist and anti-aging expert Oz Garcia contracted long COVID, he knew he needed to use every ounce of his knowledge to fight his symptoms. Speaking to Health Digest, Garcia explained, "I didn't think I needed this experience, but I now see how valuable life is. What I went through was terrifying." Equally as frightening as his continuing symptoms was the toll they took on his mental health: "At one point, I had all hope knocked out of [my] system."

Understandably, the author found himself in a challenging battle with the chronic condition, in which COVID symptoms can persist for months or even years after contracting the disease. But having advised celebrities on how to live healthy lives and prevent aging, Garcia had some important tools at his disposal when it came to helping his body heal from long COVID. In an exclusive interview with Health Digest, he shared some of his tips for living longer and slowing aging that can be easily implemented into your everyday life.

'Sleep is central' to the anti-aging process

As an advisor to the stars, Oz Garcia is an anti-aging expert and a celebrated nutritionist whose techniques have been used the world over. Discussing what individuals can do to try to slow the aging process in their own lives, Garcia told Health Digest, "Sleep is central, [as well as] exercise, being outdoors, [and] becoming familiar with nutrients that seem to suppress telomere damage and damage to DNA." He specified, "NAD [Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide], Resveratrol, Fisetin, Spermidine, and IV vitamin therapy are all terrific for longevity and anti-aging."

Following his own difficult health journey with long COVID, Garcia has focused on appreciating his life and learning to live well. As he told us, "I'm going back through a reappraisal of my value systems after this experience." It's also inspired his next book in the works, which he teased is more about living a meaningful life as a whole rather than focusing on specifics of bodily recovery or nutrition, though it's likely he will tie in his anti-aging wisdom as well. "I'd like to learn how to live another 70 years, and some of my studies have ties to Buddhism, Stoicism, neuroscience, and the value of writing and journaling," he shared. 

"After Covid: Optimize Your Health in a Changing World" by Oz Garcia is out now.