Donna Sarkar

Photo of Donna Sarkar
Milwaukee, WI
Marquette University
Makeup Trends, Relationship Advice, Mental Health
  • As a hopeless romantic, her love for writing about relationships developed after writing an article on how a broken heart can really kill you for Discover Magazine.
  • She has a collection of work featuring interviews with science and health experts such as the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, Ed Yong.
  • From trying out the latest makeup looks in her college dorm room to currently working as a freelance makeup artist, Donna has always had a knack for makeup.


Donna started her writing career in 2017 working for the Style Sunday section at her school newspaper, Marquette Wire, where she covered makeup and fashion trends. She later became Discover Magazine's Digital Content Coordinator, writing in-depth science features and interviewing an array of health experts and scientists. Her work has also been published in a variety of newspapers and magazines including wikiHow, All That's Interesting, and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. She joined Static Media as a features writer in 2022 and has been enthusiastically writing and sharing advice about relationships, mental health, and her love for makeup and fashion at Glam.


Donna has a bachelor's degree in Journalism and Psychology from Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
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