Donna Sarkar

Photo of Donna Sarkar
Milwaukee, WI
Marquette University
Health & Wellness, Life Sciences, Psychology
  • Donna has specialized in science writing and editing for the past three years.
  • She has a collection of work featuring interviews with science and health experts such as the Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist, Ed Yong.
  • Her psychology degree motivates her to continuously research and advocate for mental health in her writing and daily life.


Donna Sarkar is a freelance writer and editor based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She has specialized in science writing for the past three years, with an emphasis in health and wellness. Her work has been published in a variety of newspapers and magazines including Discover Magazine, wikiHow, and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Donna graduated with honors and earned her B.A. in Journalism and Psychology from Marquette University in 2020.


Donna Sarkar earned her bachelor's degree in Journalism and Psychology from Marquette University, a private institution grounded in Jesuit values and located in the heart of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
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