Esmeralda Baez

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South Florida
New York University, University Of Central Florida
Travel Aficionado, Backpacking, International Tourism
  • When not in South Florida, you'll likely find her meandering through the vibrant streets of Colombia, savoring the flavors of authentic local dishes and engaging in outdoor escapades. Her ultimate aspiration is to witness the mesmerizing northern lights in Finland one day.
  • A strong advocate for self-care, Esmeralda firmly believes that indulging in extended breaks, particularly from screen time, is essential.


Esmeralda has worked with a number of writers and fellow editors over the last three years with a variety of publications, including The Sun and Glitter magazine. In the last few years, she's taken a number of courses to learn more about therapy, particularly, marriage and family therapy. Once she joined Health Digest in 2022, she came in as an editor and has loved every minute of helping writers expand on their writing abilities and publicizing health content.


Esmeralda graduated from the University of Central Florida with a major in psychology and received her M.A. in American journalism from New York University.
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