Karen Johanson

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Hood River, OR
University Of Oregon
Health, Fitness, Nutrition
  • Karen Johanson is not only a writer and editor, but also a National Academy of Sports Medicine-certified personal trainer who founded a program to help the Parkinson's population control their symptoms via expertise.
  • She also has continuing education in functional movement and nutrition.
  • She has developed sites and curated and created content focused on Parkinson's wellness, as well as health and fitness for the general population.


Karen Johanson brings decades of experience as a writer, editor, and photographer, with organizations including Microsoft, REI and Eddie Bauer, and media outlets in North America and Europe, plus professional training and experience in the health, fitness and nutrition spaces.


Karen Johanson completed a B.A. in fine art/photography at the University of Oregon. Since then, she has completed a NASM-CPT certification and continuing education certifications with organizations including IDEAFit, TRX, Z-Health, Brian Grant Foundation and the OHSU Parkinson Center. She utilizes this knowledge to create and edit Health Digest content.
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