Krystle Vermes

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Suffolk University
Health News Reporting, Biopharma/biotechnology, Mental Health And Wellness
  • Krystle is a published health news reporter with writing and editing experience across the industry. Having a longtime personal interest in health, she took advantage of an opportunity to cover breaking news in biotech upon beginning her freelance career. She has since written publications focusing on biopharmaceutical news, clinical studies, and new drug developments.
  • She has written about her own personal mental health journey as a trauma survivor for wellness publications, including HealthyPlace.
  • In her spare time, Krystle has a passion for educating others through her writing on mental health issues, ranging from Complex PTSD to Dissociative Identity Disorder.


Krystle is a published journalist and editor who has reported on a wide range of topics across the health and wellness industry. Her work has been featured in publications including the Pharmacy Times, BioSpace, and Healthline. In the past, her focus has been on biotech and biopharma, as well as new drug approvals, trials, and studies. She has also previously written about her experience with Complex PTSD and DID to educate the mental health community.


Krystle has a Bachelor's degree in Print Journalism with a focus in Communications.
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