Melissa Lee

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
SUNY College At Oswego
Coffee And Espresso-based Beverages, Trader Joe's Snacks, Quick And Easy Home Cooking
  • At a young age, Melissa learned how to find recipes, shop for quality and affordable ingredients, and cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner, all from the comfort of her apartment kitchen.
  • In her adult years, she's become particularly skilled at scoping out the best Trader Joe's buys, ranging from new snacks and desserts to easy frozen meals.
  • Melissa never turns down the opportunity to try out a new recipe, whether it be for traditional Chinese sticky rice or the latest viral bread trend. In her free time, she can be found perusing local Asian markets and in the kitchen murmuring sweet nothings to her yeasted rising bread.


Melissa got her start in commerce journalism a few years ago. Since then, she's worked at spots like Hearst Magazines and Gannett and is currently a wellness editor at Healthline, where she specifically covers mental wellness and women's health. In the meantime, she writes freelance articles for sites such as HuffPost and PureWow on everything from internet culture to beauty and style. Her versatile journalism coverage showcases her dedication to expanding her own knowledge, and helping readers find the best information possible.


Melissa graduated from SUNY College at Oswego with a bachelor's degree in journalism and minors in creative writing and political science.
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