Health Digest Survey: Which Peloton Instructor Do People Really Prefer?

Since 2006, the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) has conducted a global survey to determine the top emerging fitness trends for the following year. The results of the 2022 study, published in the ACSM Health and Fitness Journal, indicate that the number two trend for the year 2022 is home exercise gyms. This isn't surprising, since during the pandemic, plenty of Americans shifted their fitness focus inside the home, as COVID kept many people out of the gym (per Washington Post). Not only were people looking to create an at-home gym set up, they also wanted to find online exercise classes. Notably, online live and on-demand exercise classes emerged as the number nine fitness trend for 2022, though it was the number one trend in 2021 (via ACSM).

One fitness brand combines these two trends — at-home exercise gyms and online fitness — into a very popular package. In addition to expensive equipment like bikes and treadmills, Peloton also offers a number of live and on-demand classes that range from boot camps and Pilates to meditation and yoga. One major benefit of Peloton is that the classes are typically guided by a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer, or NASM CPT (per Peloton). To find out which Peloton instructors are the most popular, Health Digest conducted a survey asking respondents who their favorite Peloton instructor is. The results may surprise you.

Is this your favorite Peloton instructor?

The results of a Health Digest poll of 583 people showed that 56 people, or 9.61% of respondents, say that Ben Alldis is their favorite Peloton instructor. 89 people, or 15.27% of respondents, rate Robin Arzón as their favorite instructor. Cody Rigsby garnered 93 votes, or 15.95% of respondents. And while 105 people, or 18.01% of respondents, chose Alex Toussant, 110 people, or 18.87% of respondents, say Ally Love is their favorite instructor. At the top of the list sits Olivia Amato, who 130 people, or 22.30% of respondents, say is their favorite Peloton instructor.

According to the Peloton instructor's profile site, Olivia is from New York City and played team sports like lacrosse and cheerleading. She brings a "we-first, cheerleader approach" to the classes she teaches (via Peloton). Olivia's personal website says that she's an accomplished athlete, as she was an all-country track runner and two-time all-state field hockey player in high school (via Olivia Amato). She also won a national championship in cheer while in college. After graduating, Amato worked on Wall Street, but couldn't stomach office life and eventually started training to become a boxing instructor, which began her career in fitness. Amato is lauded for her ability to motivate people during a challenging workout (via Oui in France).