How Adding Variety To Her Workout Routine Keeps Cindy Crawford Looking Lean

Looking at Cindy Crawford today, you would never guess she is 54. The former supermodel has managed to maintain the looks and physique of someone half her age, showing that age really is just a number. But how does she stay so fit? For Crawford, consistency is key, and she's been a fitness icon for many since she released her first fitness video trilogy in 1992, which Britannica says sold extremely well, back when VHS tapes were still a thing.

Today, the iconic influencer keeps it real for her 6.9 million Instagram followers by demonstrating detailed workouts in her posts with easy-to-understand captions so you can follow along. Women's Health attributes Crawford's fit form to maintaining balance through regular exercise and documenting her workouts on Instagram. From taking the stairs to advanced abs exercises to leg day, Crawford makes sure to mix it up, peppering her workout routines with plenty of variety for extra spicy results.

Adding variety can be a balancing act

Crawford's home ab workout on Instagram features eight ab-burner moves, including standing and prone bicycle crunches, sumo squat side-to-side crunch, three different plank moves, and side crunches (via Russh). This intense ab workout was drummed up by Crawford and her trainer, Sarah Hagaman. But in keeping with Crawford-style consistency, the model also occasionally releases some oldies-but-goodies, like a triceps-toning arm workout initially included in her 1992 "Shape Your Body" fitness video. Like the ab-burner, Grazia details the arm workout's eight different moves, using barbells for added oomph. 

Crawford's workouts can be intense, but they are short, and practically anyone can hang in there for the six to eight minutes it takes to complete the variety of routines. On top of parts work, Women's Health says Crawford gets cardio in by running, boosting the heart-healthy, calorie-burning benefits by taking the stairs. And the fitness guru's balancing act means turning on multiple muscle groups at once, like her step-up with weights on Instagram. She levels up her parts work by adding moves that turn leg day into a full-body workout, like lifting her arms above her head during squats. This simple move fires up the ab and back muscles to stabilize the core, making the burn even more intense. And starting her day with a protein-packed green smoothie helps keep Crawford full and focused throughout the day so she can power through her workouts with ease (via Eat This Not That). Cheers to that!