Why Chia Seeds May Be Good For Your Bones

Chia seeds are obviously a plant food, so it's not surprising they may be healthy. You may not know, though, that they are a powerful ally to your bones. In fact, chia is an ancient seed with medicinal health benefits from a plant within the mint family (per WebMD). The plants themselves have flowers, and while they are native to Guatemala and Mexico, they are grown and sold in many countries, including the U.S. Chia seeds have long been eaten and included in meals as a nutritionally dense add-in. They were eaten in ancient Mayan and Aztec diets, and their benefits are still well recognized today, reports Healthline.

The tiny seeds are packed with valuable vitamins and minerals and a nutrition profile ideal for your diet. Two tablespoons of chia seeds offer 4.7 grams of protein, 9.8 grams of fiber, plus 5 grams of healthy fats via alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), per Healthline. While the seeds can be eaten on their own, they don't have much taste, making them a perfect addition to many meals to boost nutrition. Chia is often used like oatmeal and added to other dishes such as yogurt, but it can also be blended with liquids and turned into a gel. Chia pudding is even an option, with the seeds being mixed with milk, fruit, or other sweeteners like honey. While their versatility and basic makeup prove they are worth adding to your diet, there's an additional benefit that may be even more beneficial for some.

Chia seeds contain bone-promoting nutrients

The high fiber, as detailed previously, makes chia seeds a good option for those looking to feel full longer, with digestion issues, or those trying to manage blood sugarĀ (via WebMD). The antioxidants in chia seeds, including quercetin, offer various health benefits as antioxidants prevent damage to cells caused by free radicals. This protection which also reduces inflammation, can reduce the risk of cognitive issues, heart disease, and some cancer.

Chia seeds also contain multiple essential nutrients, elements, and minerals, including calcium, manganese, copper, phosphorus, selenium, and magnesium. These are all essential because we need to get them in varying amounts through our diet as we don't produce them on our own (via Medical News Today). According to Healthline, it's within these certain essentials that the secret power behind chia seeds lies. Healthy bones require chia seeds' calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus which help improve bone density. These nutrients, combined with chia's high ALA content, can help provide precise nutrition for keeping bones healthy and sturdy.

Keeping your bones strong is always important, but after you turn 50 they require even more attention as they become more susceptible to density issues and breaking, via Johns Hopkins Medicine. This issue occurs naturally as the body's process for rebuilding bones slows down. To help prevent this, it's crucial to monitor and supplement your diet with nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium, along with vitamin D, to help with calcium absorption. Luckily chia provides a single efficient option for adding most of these nutrients to your diet.