Can You Take DayQuil And Ibuprofen At The Same Time?

When you're in the thick of a nasty cold or bout of the flu, the headaches, runny nose, and cough that often accompanies each of these illnesses can be unbearable. Although WebMD reports that the flu and the common cold can differ in severity, it doesn't stop us from reaching for over-the-counter (OTC) remedies when we feel either coming on. Different OTC medications may target different symptoms. Some may cater to congestion, others to fever, some to cough, pain, and more. But what about taking more than one of these medications simultaneously?

Ibuprofen and DayQuil are two popular OTC medications for cold and flu symptoms, but is it safe to take them at the same time? Able to be taken in liquid or capsule form, GoodRx states that DayQuil Cold and Flu consists of acetaminophen, which works to reduce fever and pain; dextromethorphan, which suppresses the body's coughing response; and phenylephrine, which minimizes nasal congestion. Ingredients will vary somewhat depending on the type of DayQuil product used, such as DayQuil Cold and Flu Severe, DayQuil Cough DM+ Congestion, and DayQuil High Blood Pressure, reports HelloPharmacist. For example, DayQuil Cold and Flu Severe contains an expectorant known as guaifenesin. Experts at Health Central explain that expectorants help to break up mucus buildup.

The best way to take DayQuil and Ibuprofen together

On the other hand, ibuprofen operates by blocking the production of certain molecules related to inflammation and pain in the body, reports Business Insider. Yet ibuprofen and DayQuil aren't automatically a good fit for everyone. Those who smoke, have high blood pressure or cholesterol, or are diagnosed with diabetes will first want to consult with their physician before starting the use of ibuprofen (via Health Central). Individuals who consume three or more alcoholic beverages daily, those with high blood pressure, or patients taking certain psychiatric medications will also want to speak to a doctor in regard to DayQuil usage.

Generally speaking, however, it is fine to take ibuprofen and DayQuil simultaneously. HelloPharmacist notes that there aren't any noted drug interactions between the two. However, Dr. Mary Catherine Platz, pharmacy resident at the University of West Virginia School of Pharmacy in Morgantown, WV, tells Health Central that staggering use of the two medications may provide more effective relief than taking them at the exact same time. Whichever you take first, Dr. Platz recommends taking the second medication two hours into the total four-hour dose period of the first drug.