Where Is EverlyWell From Shark Tank Season 9 Today?

Medical laboratory tests are among the top healthcare tools physicians use to assess, diagnose, and treat patients. So much so that over 12 billion lab tests are conducted each year across the country, according to a 2021 study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). Often placing a significant financial burden on patients, the researchers found that patient spending on out-of-network laboratory testing jumped from approximately 5.2% during the late 2000s up to 11.5% during the 2014 to 2016 timeframe.

Having experienced the financial burden of laboratory testing herself, entrepreneur Julia Cheek appeared on season 9 of "Shark Tank" in 2017 to pitch EverlyWell (via CNBC Prime). Founded in 2015, the company sells laboratory testing kits through their website that can be self-administered at home with ease. Consumers then send their samples to one of EverlyWells' certified partner labs where board-certified physicians analyze the test and promptly send back patient results in easy-to-understand terms. No more cryptic numbers or percentages here!

Confident in her product, Cheek stated that she was seeking an investment of $1 million in exchange for a 5% stake in the company.

Were the sharks sold on EverlyWell?

During her pitch, Cheek emphasized that EverlyWell offers 13 different kits ranging from cholesterol tests to thyroid tests to hormone tests and many more, with prices spanning between $69 and $399 (via CNBC Prime). While she stated that the tests were not covered by insurance, Cheek noted that not even a year after launching, the company had already sold 2.5 million dollars worth of product and was growing approximately 20% each month.

While EverlyWell clearly held promise, the sharks pointed out that Cheek wasn't the first person to tap into this market. Stating that she would essentially be running a race against competitors, Mark Cuban opted out, concluding that the company would likely require far more money in order to be successful. For the same reasons, three of the other sharks followed suit, leaving only Lori Greiner.

Willing to take a chance, Greiner issued a counteroffer for a $1 million line of credit with an 8% interest rate in exchange for 5% equity. Additionally, Greiner stated that she would work with Cheek by providing her with marketing and retail guidance. Elated, the entrepreneur agreed to the terms and struck a deal.

What happened to EverlyWell after Shark Tank

Proving that taking Greiner's deal was the right choice, EverlyWell saw continued growth in the years following its "Shark Tank" premiere. During the next two years, the company reached $65 million in sales and made its way into more than 2,000 retail locations, including chain drug stores like CVS and Target (via CNBC Prime). At the time, Greiner commented in a "Shark Tank" update video that EverlyWell was well on its way to being among Greiner's top "Shark Tank" success stories of all time.

After acquiring PWNHealth and Home Access Health Corporation, EverlyWell went on to create Everly Health in 2021 (via EverlyWell). The parent company offers digital healthcare services, including telehealth appointments where patients can speak with clinicians and even receive prescriptions for COVID-19 treatment medications.

But Greiner wasn't the only person who believed in EverlyWell. At the start of 2022, the company gained support from private investors in the form of approximately $170 million, with a valuation of $3.6 billion (per Forbes). That year, the company is purported to have made $250 million.

Is EverlyWell still in business today?

It only takes a quick Google search to see that EverlyWell is not only still in business, but is growing exponentially. Consumers can now purchase nearly 30 different at-home lab tests that can detect and/or assess one's metabolism, sexual health, cardiovascular health, allergies, vitamin levels, and more (via EverlyWell). There are even tests that can screen for certain health conditions, including colon cancer, Lyme disease, or HIV. However, EverlyWell tests are not designed for those under the age of 18. Additionally, their product line now includes various supplements and a multivitamin.

Able to ship to 49 U.S. states, EverlyWell now also takes insurance, with the exception of Medicare Part B and Medicaid. As for Julia Cheek herself? The founder's LinkedIn profile states that the company exceeded a $1 billion valuation in just four years. She is also currently a board member of Headspace, an app that offers mindfulness tools and mental health support to users. While it's not yet clear what's next on the horizon for EverlyWell, we can likely assume that Julia Cheek will continue to offer her business savvy in service of those in need of affordable healthcare services.