Does Suzanne Somers' ThighMaster Actually Work? Our Fitness Expert Weighs In

People who are old enough might remember Suzanne Somers' commercials for her ThighMaster. The metal device had a hinge in the middle that you squeezed between your legs to "tone, shape, and firm your inner thighs." Although her iconic role as Chrissy Snow on "Three's Company" brought her to stardom, Somers later reinvented herself as a spokesperson for health and wellness.

While she was in her 70s, she still used her famous ThighMaster "religiously," to the point that she had worn it out (via Entertainment Tonight). But can the ThighMaster give you "rock-hard thighs" while you watch TV? We asked Celebrity Trainer, Bootcamp Instructor, and Fitness Instructor Seth Browning for his input on the device.

"The primary target muscle is the adductors, aka 'inner thigh' muscles," Browning said. "It also may have benefits for the hips in general and some core." In other words, the ThighMaster can help you "squeeze your way to firmer thighs." However, Browning said using the ThighMaster might not be enough to get a body like Somers.

Diet is essential to help tone your body

Browning maintains that a device alone can't tone your body. "If you pair it with a meal plan that keeps your body fat low, the 'tone' you are creating with the muscles will be revealed," he said. "Think of it as a present. All the flexing you're doing with the ThighMaster is the gift of 'toned thighs.' In order to get the wrapping off, you need to eat correctly."

According to Burn Lab Pro, you'll need to restrict calories while strength training. Adding more protein to your diet will help fuel your muscles, and cardio will help you burn the fat so you can see the results of toning. Preferably, you should aim for at least 20 minutes of cardio three times a week, according to the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Browning says the ThighMaster can help you build strength in your inner thighs. "Consistent exposure can definitely cause an increase in strength," he said. "When I am creating a path to a goal for any client, we always prepare a meal plan first. Then I design the workouts around those areas they want to target. We work on both simultaneously and the magic begins to unfold with consistency."