Can This Popular Costco Tea Really Soothe A Sore Throat? Here's What We Know

From Costco Fresh Berries and Kirkland Premium Bath Tissue to the Woozoo Globe Fan and Goodles Cheddy Mac White Cheddar Shells, there are several popular choices that people go for at their chosen Costco wholesale warehouse. According to CouponBirds, which perused and reported on the most talked-about Costco products on social media, the ones that stood out the most were Costco's own brands like Kirkland, and customers are particularly happy with the value for money, quality-wise, at such low prices. 

Turns out, there's a Korean brand that's sold in Costco that's also making quite the stir on Reddit forums, TikTok, and YouTube. We're talking about the Balance Grow Honey Citron and Ginger Tea that comes in a giant 4.4-pound jar that apparently lasts for months. According to customers, it's a great find considering it is priced under $10. 

Apart from its price appeal, there were quite a few reviews focusing on why it's the best kind of tea to drink when you're sick. One Reddit commenter, DancingOnACounter, shared, "It's great and helped relieve my sore throat. Just add it to hot water. I've had the jar for awhile and it's taking me forever to finish it. I can't justify getting another, because they increased the jar size even more!" Speaking exclusively with Health Digest, Dr. Jason Singh, Chief Medical Officer and physician at One Oak Medical, shared that Balance Grow Honey Citron and Ginger Tea contained ingredients that could potentially help with a sore throat. 

Honey, ginger extract, and citron could help soothe a sore throat

Balance Grow Honey Citron and Ginger Tea contains 65% sliced citron, 5% ginger extract, and 5% sundry honey. It also has 5% sugar, citric acid, vitamin C, and carrageenan. The latter is a red seaweed-based thickening agent that's added to various products. Even though a 2021 study in Pharmacology Research and Perspectives listed it as a new and potential treatment for the common cold, the science is lacking when it comes to this ingredient. 

According to Dr. Jason Singh, the popular Costco tea could work because of the synergistic effect of all of its ingredients. "[This] can enhance overall soothing and healing properties," per the expert. You're probably aware of honey's effect on a sore throat. As explained by Dr. Singh, honey is famous for its antimicrobial properties, which fight bacterial growth. "Honey has a coating effect, which forms a protective layer on the throat's mucous membranes, thereby reducing irritation and improving throat pain." In fact, mixing a tablespoon of honey in warm water and consuming it as tea is not an uncommon natural remedy for sore throats. 

Ginger extract is another ingredient in the tea blend that can help, mainly because of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that combat inflamed tissues. "The citron component provides vitamin C (54 milligrams), which can boost the immune [system]'s response to infections [and] has antioxidant properties. Vitamin C also promotes collagen synthesis, which is important for healing and maintaining integrity of inflamed throat membranes."

Consuming honey, citron, and ginger tea for sore throats: Things to consider

If you're wondering what the tea tastes like, TikTok taste tests seem to indicate that it's really good. Reviews note that the tea tastes more of citrus than ginger; not surprising, since the Costco find has citrus peels mixed in with the ginger and honey. 

Customers have also found different ways to consume the product. Let's just say they're not just sticking to the recommended use of it, which is to dissolve one or two tablespoons of the thick jam-like mixture into either cold or hot water and drink it. There were reviews of it being used as jam (spreading it on rice cakes and toast), mixing it in with seltzer, and even using it as a meat marinade.

For a sore throat remedy, however, a warm tea might be the way to go. The sugar content in the tea did seem like a concern for some reviewers. Per Nutritionix, a serving of 2.5 teaspoons (20 grams) contains 11 grams of sugar. If you're watching your sugar intake, you may want to avoid overdoing it with the tea. That being said, overall, it sounds like a tasty and easy trick you can turn to in order to soothe a sore throat. After all, the best home remedies are the ones that you can already find in your pantry. By the sounds of how popular Balance Grow Honey Citron and Ginger Tea is on social media, perhaps you've already got one in there.