Why Science Says You Should Start Eating More Oranges

When you think of an orange, the first health benefit that probably comes to mind is its high vitamin C content. And while it's true that one medium orange provides about 93 percent of the daily recommended allowance of this important vitamin, that's not their only advantage (via Shape). Oranges are chock full of the nutritional goodness that our bodies need, wrapped up in a low-calorie package that's easy to transport and eat.

Oranges make a good snack because they are rich in fiber, which helps you feel satiated. One medium orange contains about three grams of fiber, according to Health, which is 12 percent of the daily recommendation. Fiber has been shown to lower cholesterol levels, maintain healthy blood sugar and insulin levels, reduce stubborn belly fat, and fight diabetes (per Medical News Today).

This colorful fruit is also high in potassium and folate, two nutrients that regulate important bodily systems. Potassium contributes to healthy heart function and muscle mass, while folate is linked to the brain and nervous system functioning. Folate may also counter depression and memory problems.

Don't ignore an orange's packaging

Orange peels may be a bit too tart to just munch on, but consider adding some zested orange peel to your diet every now and then. The peel is high in hesperidin, a bioflavonoid that's been shown to fight allergies and hay fever, hemorrhoids, high blood pressure, menopause symptoms, premenstrual syndrome, and varicose veins (via VeryWell Health). Hesperidin may also protect against cancer, aid in healthy circulation, and fight inflammation.

Oranges contain high levels of flavonoid antioxidants which have a wide range of health benefits. They've been shown to act as an anti-inflammatory, and are known to aid in good mental health, according to Health. Flavonoids can help fight depression, assist with maintaining a healthy weight, and lower body fat.

So, whether you slice them into a salad, drink the juice, or toss some zest into your meal, be sure you're adding oranges to your regular diet. The health advantages are clear for this tasty treat.