If You Hate The Smell Of Coffee, Here's Why

Ah coffee. Enjoying the first cup of that beautifully dark, caffeinated liquid promises us both a pick-me-up and a reassuring focus to our day ahead. For some, coffee in the morning is the highlight of their day. For others, just the smell of it makes them want to bury themselves even further in the covers. 

We admit, not being a fan of coffee may find you on the less popular side of java discussions. One Reddit user, guestpass127, writes on Reddit, "There's just something about the smell of it roasting that turns me off — and it's doubly puzzling that I should have that reaction while so many people around me rhapsodize about coffee as if it's the actual elixir of life." 

For the coffee-obsessed, it may always be difficult to understand why getting a whiff of that delicious 'elixir of life' doesn't make everyone's hearts sore with glee. Here are the possible reasons why not everyone is on board.

Coffee can cause negative reactions

The first conclusion as to why some may view coffee and its scent as repellent is because they connect it to the negative reactions the drink can cause. Astrid Nehlig, a caffeine researcher with the French Institute of Health and Medical Research and author of the April report tells The National Geographic, "Caffeine intake varies widely as a function of both the country and individual," she says. "This variability might be partly linked to the fact that some persons experience side effects such as anxiety, tachycardia, and nervousness after caffeine intake."

Another conclusion worth noting is how our genetics play into how we perceive the taste and smell of things. Researcher Danielle Reed looked into genes known to be linked to bitter taste perception within a group of coffee drinkers. When the group was given a sample of pure liquid caffeine to taste, it was the subjects who regularly drank more coffee that rated the taste samples more bitter than those who drank the beverage less often, reports The National Geographic. That could have some correlation between who appreciates the flavors and smells of the beverage itself more than others. 

Now that we understand the reasons behind why some can't stand the smell and taste of coffee, there is no reason to split over these differences. Coffee lovers and haters can unite! Just maybe not around the coffee pot.