The One Supplement You Need To Take On The GOLO Diet

Meal replacements, cutting fats, counting carbs. The popularity of following specific diet plans is huge! So popular in fact, that AP News reports that the weight loss industry in the United States is worth a record 72 billion dollars. While there are a lot of fad diets receiving their 20 seconds of fame, we're most interested in discussing the ones that have proven staying power. 

Enter the GOLO diet. In existence since 2008, the GOLO diet stands out from the other diets in the fact that the plan's main focus isn't around cutting out fat or carbs. The focal point, instead, is based on balancing hormones. According to Health, the GOLO ideology is that hormone imbalances trigger stress and anxiety, which in turn, causes hunger, tiredness, and poor sleep quality. The belief is that these factors are what can cause us to binge, overeat, and emotionally eat.

A supplement was developed by the same team who designed GOLO

According to GOLO's website, the diet was designed by a group of doctors, researchers, and pharmacists who spent almost a decade developing the GOLO diet plan — and the supplement to be taken with it. This plant-based supplement is called Release. 

Release is a patented formula with seven plant-based ingredients and three minerals. The company believes Release helps to address underlying causes of weight gain, optimizes blood sugar, controls weight gain, and repairs metabolism. Golo's website shows Release to be clinically proven to enhance weight loss and shares the studies that were done to get these findings. The supplement is meant to be taken with meals for the duration of the diet's program, shares Health. It is also advised to stop taking Release once you have reached your goal weight. 

The diet's name, GOLO, is short for the company's motto: "Go lose weight. Go look great. Go love life," reports Insider. So whether this diet plan sounds like a good fit for you or not, we hope you're as proactive as this motto in your quest to for good health.