The Real Reason Being In Love Can Make You Sweat

Are you newly in love? If the sun is shining extra bright, and the birds are chirping, and you find yourself skipping instead of walking, then chances are the answer is yes to that question. Yes, finding love is arguably one of the best things in life. So why is it that when we have finally found it, we suddenly need to hide our pit stains and wring out the tissue we used to dab our foreheads? Here is the real reason why being in love can make you sweat.

According to Insider, love can actually activate your body's fight or flight response, which will increase blood flow to the skin, leaving you with a sweaty glow. Falling in love can make you sweat too. The act of falling head over heels starts with your brain producing a rush of "love-chemicals," WebMD states. These chemicals are blameworthy for your racing heart, sweaty palms, and other physical signs that you have recently jumped on the love train.

You can blame love chemicals for the sweats

The "love-chemicals" responsible for making our sweat glands go into overdrive have a scientific name. They are called monoamines, according to Insider. There are three different kinds of chemicals that are considered to be monoamines. They are called dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin, The Naked Scientists explains. Norepinephrine and serotonin are responsible for why we feel extra excited over practically anything, and the chemical dopamine is the reason why we can't seem to wipe that dopey smile off our face. 

This winning trio can also be blamed for the reason we feel a little breathless and have the sensation of butterflies in our stomachs when we are in love. Another reason for the pit stains could have to do with jealousy. We know, jealousy seems to have a bad reputation, but according to Healthline, when used wisely, jealousy sparked by love suggests a strong commitment and promotes bonding. And with strong emotions like jealousy come a lot of sweat-inducing nerves.

Don't be embarrassed to hold your partner's hand with your sweaty one. Chances are, if they are in love as well, they won't even notice since their hand will be damp with sweat too. So go ahead and get swept away, just make sure you've brought something to mop up the sweat with along the way.