The Truth About Khloe Kardashian's Weight-Loss Diet

You certainly know Khloé Kardashian if you've been "keeping up with the Kardashians" in any fashion over the years. As we've seen on the family's hit show and subsequent spin-offs, things aren't always smooth sailing for these folks. The youngest sister of the Kardashian clan, Khloé, has had to deal with more than her fair share of comments regarding her weight. Back in 2011, during her marriage to Lamar Odom, Khloé came under fire not just by fans, but from her mom, Kris Jenner.

In an episode of "Khloé & Lamar," Jenner gave her daughter an earful about her recent weight gain (via US Weekly). "You don't care [about our diet supplement brand] and it's very very upsetting to me because I've worked so hard at creating what I think is a great deal for you girls and you're not pulling your end of the weight," Jenner remarks in the episode. This didn't sit well with Khloé, who snapped back to her mom, saying, "To tell me I'm ruining a whole brand because of my weight gain makes me feel like s***."

Fast forward to 2021 and Khloé is still gaining attention, but this time for her weight loss. Curious why? Here's what you need to know about the reality star's diet and fitness plan.

Khloé Kardashian's weight loss started when she was dealing with a difficult divorce

Back in 2017, Khloé Kardashian starred in a new show titled "Revenge Body with Khloé Kardashian," which helped individuals lose weight, gain muscle, and reinvent themselves over a span of 12 weeks. Her own "revenge body" wasn't actually about making her ex, Lamar Odom, jealous. It was a result of the couple's difficult divorce, according to Khloé. The reality TV star told USA Today, "I turned to working out because I needed clarity in my brain, and I didn't know what else to do but go to the gym. And, as a byproduct, I started losing weight."

She did, however, feel like retaliating against all of the comments that had been made about her body. "For me, my revenge is for everybody who called me fat and ugly ... every piece of (crap) that comes our way in my family, and how we handle them. It shows how strong I am mentally," Khloé told USA Today.

Khloé Kardashian had a history of yo-yo dieting

Think of using a yo-yo — up and down it goes. Weight loss can follow the same pattern if drastic measures are taken or if diet changes are too difficult to stick with. Khloé Kardashian dealt with a cycle of weight loss and weight gain, but eventually made more sustainable, long-term changes to her diet and exercise.

"It's very normal to lose weight at a slow process," Kardashian told US Weekly in September 2018. "For me, that's how I lost all my weight before and how it stayed off. I used to fluctuate weight because I would try all these diet fads and then I would gain the weight right back. I would always yo-yo."

Yo-yo dieting not only causes your weight to fluctuate, but it can also cause some health complications. The American Heart Association studied 485 women who lost 10 pounds and then regained it within a year. From there, they were assessed on how well they controlled important heart disease risk factors, like BMI, cholesterol, and blood pressure. The results found that the more episodes of weight cycling the women experienced, the poorer they scored on controlling those factors.

Khloé Kardashian started committing to regular exercise

Khloé Kardashian's trainer, Gunnar Peterson, told People in 2015, "Khloé gives as much to the gym as the gym gives to her. She's in love with fitness." Peterson has been training the youngest Kardashian sister for years and said she doesn't skip workouts no matter how busy her schedule may be. "She never cancels," he confirmed to People. "It can be a night where she's short on sleep. It can be a day where she has an engagement for that day. She may have something at 8 — then we're going at 6."

Kardashian told the publication that, at the time, she was working out five days a week and an hour at a time with Peterson. That doesn't mean you need to have the same routine, though. At a minimum, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity (e.g., brisk walking or swimming) or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity (e.g., running or HIIT) each week.

Khloé Kardashian often switched up her workouts

In order to keep things fresh, Khloé Kardashian and her trainer, Gunnar Peterson, would switch up the star's exercise routines regularly. "There is no typical routine," Peterson told People. The workouts incorporated "different intervals mixed up, whether it's the motion of the interval or the duration of the interval or the intensity of the interval."

For example, one session might include boxing while the next would focus on lower-body or upper-body exercises. "[Boxing is] great for the heart rate, great for hand-to-eye, great for balance," Peterson explained. "It's good for your body to contract upon impact."

Kardashian's trainer further revealed that weightlifting plays a role in weight loss. "You have to challenge your body with an external load," said Peterson. He prefers implementing bigger movements rather than isolated to get muscles toned. "She keeps getting after it and she keeps getting better," he said of Khloé. "We're always playing with [our workouts]; we're always making it that much more challenging."

Khloé Kardashian gradually built up her fitness routine

If you're looking to make a lifestyle change, it's important to take your time and avoid diving into things too fast (via Mayo Clinic). Starting a new routine can be overwhelming, so taking it slow and working your way up to where you want to be can make the process less complicated.

In an interview with her sister, Kourtney Kardashian, on her POOSH YouTube channel, Khloé was asked how she finds and stays motivated to exercise. "When I first started working out, it was agony," she said. "Like when I was heavier and when I was more unhealthy, I had no idea what I was doing. I think I started two days a week for, like, the first two weeks and then I advanced to Monday, Wednesday, Friday."

She stressed that taking it slow prevents you from going too hard and winding up exhausted or injured and leading to skipping future workouts. "I think we have to set small milestones and then reward ourselves," she stated.

Khloé Kardashian's diet is based on her metabolic body type

To achieve weight loss, you need more than just a consistent exercise routine to see results. As such, Khloé Kardashian followed a meal plan developed by her nutritionist, Dr. Philip Goglia.

"When it comes to nutrition and weight loss, it's 80 percent in the kitchen and 20 percent in the gym," Dr. Goglia told Healthista in 2017. Dr. Goglia is the co-founder of G-Plans, which are plans based on metabolic body types. "We work with each client to determine their metabolic body type," said Dr. Goglia. "Each requires a unique meal breakdown based on how that person's body breaks down protein, fats, and carbs."

Foods that fit in Khloé's meal plan include things like protein shakes, fruit, chicken, fish, and vegetables. She isn't strict with her diet 24/7 either. "She has a pattern where she will do seven days on and then have one meal off," according to Dr. Goglia.

Khloé Kardashian doesn't deny her cravings

When Khloé Kardashian experiences a food craving, she allows herself to indulge. "I do believe that if you're having a craving, don't deprive yourself," Khloé told Health. "Everything in moderation." Khloé's nutritionist, Dr. Philip Goglia, informed Healthista, "Her choice of cheat would vary a great deal — maybe she'll have a slice of cake as dessert or a pizza or pasta dinner, basically whatever she has a craving for."

That doesn't mean Khloé fills her kitchen with unhealthy treats or meals, though. However, she will splurge on some candy at others' houses from time to time. Interestingly, she refuses to choose a "healthy" variation to satisfy a craving. "Kourtney wants me to have like gluten-free Oreos, but they're nasty," she told Health. "If I'm having an Oreo, it's gonna be a real Oreo."

Khloé is certainly on to something here. Depriving yourself of cravings can actually backfire and make you have increased cravings for those foods you're avoiding, according to a 2020 article published in Nutrition and the Brain. Short-term food deprivation does make your food cravings more complex, the article explained, but it is often a "conditioned response" that can be unlearned.

Khloé Kardashian chooses water to reduce liquid calories

Water is an essential element to staying alive. Staying well hydrated keeps our body temperature normal and delivers nutrients to cells (via Healthline). And, of course, water is zero calories. Sticking with water, or an occasional Snapple Iced Tea, is how Khloé limits additional calories in her diet. "I don't drink juices or anything like that," she revealed in a POOSH YouTube video. "I drink water. ... I'm a water-drinker." She went on to say that she would rather eat her calories than drink them, stating, "Like the Starbucks [drink], that's like a 600-calorie drink and I'm like 'why?' I would rather have a great piece of cake."

Choosing water over such drinks is a good idea. Health concerns have been raised regarding the number of sugar-sweetened beverages that are consumed in the United States, according to a 2013 report published in Advanced Nutrition. Research has shown that the intake of these beverages is related to obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and metabolic syndrome. It can even increase the risk of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.

Khloé Kardashian limits afternoon carbs

When it comes to diet and exercise, no one person is the same. Khloé Kardashian realizes that what and how she eats differs from others — including her sisters — and does what works for her personally. "I have a body where I don't process carbs well after 3 p.m.," she told Health. "Kim could eat anything, and I'm like, 'I hate you.'" Because of that, Khloé chooses to avoid eating certain carbs past the mid-afternoon, though she explained that she can manage sweet potatoes and rice.

Khloé could indeed have a lower carbohydrate tolerance than others. The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center described a carbohydrate intolerance as the inability to metabolize carbohydrates normally. Even consuming small amounts can create bloating, fatigue, cramps, poor digestion, heartburn, and troubles losing weight. This doesn't mean that a person will have to completely eliminate carbs, but rather portion them out and choose options that have higher fiber content including beans, legumes, vegetables, and whole grains.

Khloé Kardashian is not a breakfast person, but she eats a morning meal anyway

Not everyone is a breakfast lover, including Khloé Kardashian. Sometimes lack of time or not feeling hungry leaves us skipping breakfast. "My breakfasts are pretty routine, because I'm not a breakfast person, I had to train myself to do that," Khloé told Health. "I have steel cut oats with flaxseed powder. I love making protein shakes — in a smoothie, not like a shaker powder. I do berries, banana, almond butter." If she has the time, she does enjoy getting more in depth with her breakfast choice as she likes cooking. "If I'm cooking breakfast I love to cook pancakes and all that, but that's not an everyday thing."

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right? Research supports its importance, it's true. A 2020 review published in the International Journal of Food Science & Technology explained that a morning meal can benefit memory, mood, work performance, cognitive function, and even irregular periods.

Khloé Kardashian mixes things up to avoid getting bored

Having the same foods over and over again can get a little boring. Eating fish and lean meats every night does come with some great health benefits, but after a certain point, you're just sick of it and ready to have something new. Khloé Kardashian's nutritionist, Dr. Philip Goglia, recommends preparing fish and other lean meats in various ways to switch things up. "A little bit of maple syrup with cracked sea salt on top of it [fish] will give it a sweetness. Or try a little bit of drizzled honey mixed with white ponzu. Even black strap molasses is interesting," Dr. Goglia told People. "These are flavorings that make these things tolerable."

Khloé particularly enjoys maple salmon, which she pairs with spinach and asparagus. The recipe, which was shared to People, calls for marinating salmon in a maple syrup, garlic, ponzu sauce, and lemon juice blend for 30 minutes. From there, the salmon is roasted in a 400-degree oven for 12 to 15 minutes with the reserved marinade being brushed halfway through.

After having a baby, Khloé Kardashian went low-carb

In April 2018, Khloé Kardashian became a mama to her daughter, True. Becoming a mom didn't slow down Khloé's newfound love for health and fitness. A couple months after welcoming her daughter, Khloé took to her app and revealed, "I'm currently on a low-carb diet that my nutritionist, Dr. Goglia, gave me" (via People). "It has lots of protein, so I'm able to go all out at the gym, but the best part is that I'm never hungry because I'm always eating!"

To start her day off, Khloé would eat a pre-workout meal of jam and almond butter. After the workout, she'd eat two eggs, a cup of oatmeal, and a cup of fresh fruit. She also worked in lean meats and vegetables, especially those high in iron.

Getting back into the swing of things post-baby isn't always easy. "On that first day back [to the gym], it felt so good to sweat again," the star said in the post on her app. "Not going to lie, it's a struggle to get back into the groove. Mentally, I'm strong but physically, it's just not the same. But every day, I'm one step closer, baby!"

Khloé Kardashian lost close to 60 pounds following the birth of her daughter

After having her baby, Khloé Kardashian lost a significant amount of weight. "After I had True I lost 50 pounds — or almost 60 pounds, actually, now — but I, of course, dieted after that," Khloé explained in a POOSH interview with her sister, Kourtney. "If you're trying to lose a significant amount of weight ... diet and exercise go hand in hand." Doing this combo put her in what she dubbed her "weight vicinity" of around 150 pounds.

Medline Plus recommends new mothers return to their pre-pregnancy weights within a year after delivery, but remember: You do need time to recover from childbirth before going too fast into weight loss. The site advised giving yourself at least until your six-week checkup before making changes to your diet and fitness regimen. You also shouldn't drop below the minimum number of calories you need in a day, especially if you're breastfeeding.

Since hitting her goal weight, Khloé Kardashian is a little more lax with her diet

Reaching her goal weight of 150 pounds — or in the high 140s, which she called her "dream" — means that she monitor her calories as closely, she explained in a POOSH video. "That doesn't mean I'm sitting here binge eating, you know, bags of chips all day," she explained. "We have good diets, but I love quesadillas. I love anything True's eating."

In the end, she doesn't intend to "live a miserable life" that holds her back from eating foods she enjoys since tomorrow isn't promised. "I would rather put more effort into the gym than in the kitchen — but that's currently" she stated. "If I'm trying to drop [weight], I know what to do if I have to buckle down."

Keeping an overall healthy diet and active lifestyle is important to leading a healthy life. Of course, you don't need a strict diet to do that. As long as you're eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains along with staying physically active, you can help control or delay any potential health issues, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Khloé Kardashian believes every woman should be allowed her own journey

Many years of relationship troubles and relentless media scrutiny over her looks have put a lot of pressure on the reality star. But she feels every woman is unique and should be allowed to have "their own journey" (via US Magazine). Khloé Kardashian has, in fact, experienced plenty of ups and downs in the limelight herself. "Always being compared to my sisters in a way where I can't be related to them because we look different. It was always emphasized that they were so much prettier ... Those things were definitely really hurtful," she told Variety in a 2022 interview. 

The 37-year-old readily admits that food was once an emotional crutch for her when she was feeling low — and the habit led to a lot of fad dieting (via Health). Today though Khloé deals with life's stresses in a healthier and more productive way: by hitting the gym. "I don't think anyone works out better or stronger than someone that's frustrated, angry, mad, determined," she wrote in an Instagram Story in 2021 (via People). Exercise does boost mood and reduce stress, according to the Anxiety & Depression Association of America. Physical activity produces endorphins, which function like natural painkillers. Just five minutes of aerobic exercise can start bringing relief to anxiety symptoms, the organization says. 

Khloé hit the gym after the Tristan Thompson scandal

When Khloé Kardashian learned that her then-fiancé NBA player Tristan Thompson had cheated on her and fathered another child (he and Khloé share a daughter, True), she was understandably devastated. "When you're hurt so many times — your reactions, your responses to the same thing happening over and over again — there is a numbing sensation to it," she said (via USA Today). 

"The Kardashians" and former "Revenge Body" star, however, dealt with these and other challenges in a positive way by ramping up her self-care and channeling her inner warrior. In February, she shared a new photo on her Instagram account showing off a stronger and more muscular body. "About 3 months apart," she captioned it, alongside an earlier image for comparison. "Let's go we are sculpting my back and arms," she enthusiastically wrote, referencing her new personal trainer Joel Bouraima. Khloé's intense exercise regimen includes planks, crunches, jumping jacks, and lots of weight lifting (via POOSH). She also likes to set aside one day a week for Pilates, a body conditioning exercise that uses precise moves. She told NewBeauty in an earlier interview that she likes Pilates because it "fine-tunes the muscles."

Inventive exercise routines fire up the reality star

Mixing up her fitness routine is something that's important to Khloé. It keeps things fresh and fun, so her workouts are never boring. "I love Soul Cycle, hot yoga, circuit training, obstacle-type things," she told USA Today. But even with access to top personal trainers, exclusive gyms, and her impressively equipped home workout studio (via Hello!), she'll still go old-school when the mood strikes. Some of Khloé's most inventive workouts don't need any special equipment at all. One cool example was when the mom-of-one included her daughter True, who was a 30-pound toddler at the time, in a fast-paced outdoor run. On Instagram, she posted a video, set to the old '80s classic "Eye of the Tiger," of her sprinting uphill while pulling True in a wagon that was securely tethered to the reality star's waist. 

Khloé is a fan of fitness trackers for recording her steps, heart rate, pace, and other key measurements while working out (via Yahoo!). The experts agree that wearable devices are useful tech for maintaining focus and monitoring vitals. Johns Hopkins cardiologist Dr. Seth Martin says, "Being more active and changing your habits is important, but it can be difficult. Tracking likely helps a lot of people when combined with a clear goal to shoot for."