The Strange Effect Grilled Cheese Sandwiches Can Have On Your Sex Life

There's nothing quite like the comfort of a toasty grilled cheese sandwich overflowing with that sharp, cheesy flavor. Though this gooey indulgence might be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a tasty late-night snack, it's not often thought of as a romance-inducing treat like we might think of strawberries or chocolate. However, a survey issued by social networking platform, Skout, indicates that grilled cheese fans appear to have more active sex lives than those who aren't fans of the cheesy sandwich. Perhaps this suggests we may need to start rethinking our idea of romance. Maybe next time you're looking to spice up date night, consider swapping out the wine for a perfectly golden-brown grilled cheese.

According to Women's Health, after surveying a total of 4,600 Skout users in the United States, a whopping 73 percent of grilled cheese lovers reported having sex at least once a month. Furthermore, it turns out that 32 percent of melted cheese fans reported having sex as much as six times a month or more. Conversely, only 27 percent of non-grilled cheese loving participants reported having that same amount of sex (via Huffpost).

What does cheese have to do with sex?

So what could be the reason behind a cheese lover's active sex life? One could speculate that maybe chocolate and cheese aren't actually all that different from one another. Chocolate, a common Valentine's Day staple, contains phenylethylamine, or PEA. Phenylethylamine is a neurochemical that releases increased levels of norepinephrine and dopamine into the brain. When all three of these chemicals are at play, that's what creates those "lovey-dovey" romantic sensations of bliss and exhilaration. 

According to The Atomic Scale Design Network, a study published in the Journal of Food Science found that cheese actually contains higher levels of phenylethylamine than chocolate does. Though it is still somewhat uncertain just how big a role PEA plays in inducing feelings of love and romance, perhaps there's the potential for cheese to someday join chocolate in the category of enticing Valentine's Day treats.