What Really Happens When You Eat Peach Skin

Peaches can be the perfect healthy treat, but the fuzzy skin on a peach can cause a much-debated issue — to peel or not to peel? 

First things first — peach skin is not toxic to humans, so the skin is edible. In fact, the skin can make this healthy stone fruit even better for you. Peaches are high in fiber, and much of that comes from the peach skin, according to Healthline. Fiber is key for digestive health, and eating just one peach can contribute nearly 10 percent to your recommended fiber intake (via Health). Peaches can also provide a boost to your immune system and mood, according to Health.

The peach skin can also be a good source of antioxidants like polyphenols, and can help with inflammation. Some studies have found these antioxidants in peach skin can provide some significant protection against oxidative damage in the brain, kidneys, and liver.

Possible reasons to skip peach skin

However, there can be some negatives to eating peach skin. As with many fruits and vegetables, there is a concern for pesticide consumption on skins — and peaches are no exception. Although more research is needed on the effects of pesticides on humans, according to Healthline, some studies have found links of pesticide exposure to cancers and Parkinson's disease. Peeling peaches can mitigate this risk; however, you may lose some of the benefits mentioned above. If pesticides are a concern, buying USDA-certified organic peaches could be a good option.

Eating peach skin could also potentially cause some discomfort for peach-lovers with digestive issues like moderate to severe inflammatory bowel disease. In those cases, it may be best to skip the peach skin.

So what happens when you decide to leave the skin on your peach?

The short answer — probably not much more than what would happen if you peeled a peach and ate it. You still can enjoy a tasty peach while getting some positive health benefits. Eating peach skin is more of a personal preference and a decision to be made based on your specific health requirements.