Does Pedialyte Actually Work For Adults?

Had a few too many drinks or nursing an upset stomach? Your friends may swear by a surprising remedy. Since dehydration (and the subsequent electrolyte imbalance) tends to exacerbate many hangover and nausea symptoms (via Drip Drop), adults have been turning to Pedialyte to cure their malaise.

If you don't have kids (or never drank it as a child) Pedialyte is an oral rehydration drink typically given to sick children (via Healthline). Available over-the-counter, Pedialyte contains potassium, sodium, and chloride to help you restore your balance of electrolytes. Because it's high in sodium and low in sugar, it tends to be more effective than sodas, plain water, and even sports drinks.

Pedialyte has started marketing itself as a rehydration solution for all ages under the hashtag #NotJustForBabies. Even though the brand can't call themselves a hangover "cure" (as per the FDA, there is no such thing), doctors advocate for the drink as a better way to replenish lost fluids, whether from over-indulging, food poisoning, or any other condition.

Adults are raving about the health benefits of Pedialyte

As a way of making the solution more appealing to adults, Pedialyte has released a line-up of flavored powdered packets (via MarketWatch). This isn't the first time the brand has switched up their traditional delivery method. MarketWatch also reported sales of a powdered version at sporting events as far back as 2015. Promoting the benefits of Pedialyte for all ages boosted the brand's retail sales by 22% in three years, showing that adults — whatever the reason — are interested in a solution to their dehydration dilemmas.

While drinking fluids is always a good thing, experts remind consumers to use caution. Dr. Alexis Halpern cautions Better by Today, "It's still a medical treatment so follow the directions on the package and don't overdo it."

Over-the-counter remedies like Pedialyte, while helpful, are not a substitute for medical care. If you often find yourself hungover, can't stop throwing up, or are severely dehydrated, you should seek immediate medical attention.