The Protein Coffee Trend That's Taking Over TikTok

TikTok is the perfect platform for food and beverage trends to go viral. Anyone can upload their discoveries while sharing a story and visual how-to guide. And good ol' coffee has certainly been used as an ingredient in the past to make some pretty special social media-worthy drinks (hello whipped coffee, matcha lattes, and cold brew coming straight from the tap). So what do you get when you combine TikTok, coffee, and a protein drink? A new delicious beverage causing waves all over the internet.

Enter profee: the coffee and protein blend that is swiftly growing in popularity thanks in large part, to TikTok. According to Verywell Fit, TikTokers are ordering two or three shots of espresso in a Venti sized cup and adding their pre-made protein drink to it. Essentially, it is coffee or espresso and protein mixed together. Here's what you should know about the drink that is being made popular by viral video enthusiasts.

Profee fans can get creative

You don't have to cruise through the drive-thru in order to make this beverage, because you can make it at home. And while coffee and protein are the two main ingredients, it doesn't mean you can't get a little creative. The Signal shares a recipe for how to make a chocolate profee suggesting to blend two shots of espresso, 30g of a chocolate flavored protein shake, and topping your creation with two teaspoons of cocoa nibs.

We're intrigued, but what are the health benefits? Shena Jaramillo, a registered dietitian tells Verywell Fit that, "Adding protein shake to a coffee blend is an excellent way to get additional nutrition in the morning," she says. In addition, "Many people tend to choose coffee in place of breakfast, thus missing out on essential nutrients. Protein shakes in coffee can add sweetness and nutrition. This can reduce the intake of sugar and cream in coffee and add a more nutrient-dense choice to the mix."

For a lot of us, our coffee rituals have already been stamped, sealed, and ingrained into our morning routines. But it's still fun to watch the TikTockers from afar, and try out what's trending every now and then.