What You Should Know About The 17/20 System

Step aside 5.2 and Whole 30 diets. Here comes another numerical-based system into the spotlight: Enter the 17/20. According to Insider, the 17/20 is reaching new levels of popularity. Swedish personal trainer and nutritionist to the stars Magnus Lygdbäck created the system. Lygdbäck's client list includes celebrities like Gal Gardot, Alicia Vikander, and Alexander Skarsgård. All of these celebs are known for having really toned and healthy looking physiques. So we're pretty keen to find out exactly how his recommended eating plan works.

Before we break down the diet's guidelines, it should be noted how strongly its creator feels about having his clients maintain a healthy relationship with food. Lygdbäck shares with Popsugar why it is especially important for him to have his female clients follow a diet that is not too restrictive. "How many women do you know who can have a slice of pizza and not have a guilty conscience? I don't know many," he said. "Food is a big part of life, and it should be enjoyed."

Lygdbäck created this system with balance and happiness in mind

And it appears food can be enjoyed with the 17/20 system. As stated by Insider, participants of the diet should be eating 17 meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two snacks) that are healthy. What is healthy? "A good protein source, good fats, and slow carbs, and vegetables," recommends Lygdbäck. The next three meals are for the participant to enjoy with no restrictions and no calorie counting. "It means you can have pasta, you can go out with your friends, and you can enjoy a dessert or a glass of wine," he says. If followed to the tee, the cycle starts over every four days.

In addition to the 17/20 system, Lygdbäck is a heavy supporter of strength training. Especially for women, he shared with Popsugar. "I would love to try to help women get into the gym and start lifting — and stop having a guilty conscience when you treat yourself." He adds that by introducing strength training into your diet, you can, "get away with more of what you eat. You burn more when you have more muscle mass."

Lygdbäck's incredibly fit looking star client list sure is the perfect advertisement for his 17/20 method of eating. But putting all famous names aside, he tells Insider that he created this system trying to keep balance and happiness in mind. And those are two things we can definitely get behind.