Are Celsius Energy Drinks Actually Good For You?

Energy drinks have come a long way from the thick, weird-tasting beverages that made your heart race for hours. Today's offerings are delicious and even promise a variety of health benefits. One of the most popular drinks on the market is the Celsius energy drink, which boasts the ability to help you burn more calories by boosting your metabolism. But is this option actually good for you?

According to the company website, Celsius "stands out against other brands" because their drinks are made with "healthier" ingredients like ginger and green tea. Each drink contains seven essential vitamins, and has no sugar, aspartame (an artificial sweetener), high fructose corn syrup, artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors.

Other notable ingredients in these drinks include guarana and taurine. According to HighYa, guarana is a plant from Brazil that is full of antioxidants and may help with digestion and weight loss. Taurine is an amino acid found in fish and dairy products that is believed to support heart health and ward against diabetes. The sparkling drink also contains chromium, which is a mineral that may help stabilize blood sugar levels and keep cravings away.

Can Celsius drinks help you lose weight?

The most widely promoted benefit of Celsius drinks is their apparent ability to help you boost your metabolism and burn body fat. The secret, according to the company, is in their "MetaPlus® blend" of ingredients, which includes taurine, guarana extract, glucuronolactone, ginger extract, green tea leaf extract, and 200 mg of caffeine in each can.

The company cites six different studies on their website that show promising evidence about Celsius's thermogenic properties. Health experts have agreed that these studies seem legit, although note that the benefits will be short-lived. Joanne Ikeda, a nutritionist emeritus at the University of California at Berkeley, told ABC that thermogenic beverages can boost the human metabolism temporarily.

"However," she said, "There is no evidence that anyone has lost weight or maintained their current weight by drinking thermogenic beverages as a component of their diet."

Celsius drinks aren't a miracle beverage that will lead to a lighter, healthier body. However, they contain a lot of good ingredients and can be used to help you get in a good workout and burn more calories in the short term. Incorporating them into an otherwise healthy lifestyle certainly can't hurt — just, as always, consume them in moderation, and be sure to talk to your doctor before increasing your caffeine intake.