The Workout Class People Want To Try Most Might Surprise You

Workout classes can be fun and motivating, whether you take them online or at your local gym. There are so many great classes to choose from, and you probably have a couple that you want to try but haven't yet. Ever wonder which workout class people want to try the most? We did some research to find out. 

Health Digest surveyed 527 people about which workout class they wanted to try the most, and the results were surprising. Some want to get into CrossFit, while others want to dance off their calories with Zumba, and some want to pedal away in SoulCycle. One thing is clear — the one survey respondents are least interested in trying is Pure Barre, a low-impact workout that uses a ballet barre and small movements. Only 4.36% or about 23 of the 527 people surveyed want to try the ballet-inspired workout. 

So, which workout class do people most want to try? 

Many people want to try CrossFit

According to Health Digest's survey results, 21.06% of respondents — or about 111 out of 527 — want to try CrossFit, the high-intensity interval workout where you see people swinging ropes and box jumping. Maybe people are hesitant to try CrossFit because it seems to be for intermediate to advanced exercisers, but there are beginner CrossFit classes for those who want to try it out.

In second place is Zumba, with about 99 out of 527 people surveyed wanting to try the popular dance workout. Who wouldn't? It looks like a lot of fun to dance away calories and stress while getting some exercise.

Next up is SoulCycle — 14.23% said they wanted to try SoulCycle, the indoor stationary cycling class with high-intensity cardio and music motivation. About 75 out of 527 people want to try this workout class. Coming in close to SoulCycle is Pilates with 14.04% — about 74 out of 527 respondents — saying they want to try it. Pilates classes are available at a variety of studios, and the workout typically includes a series of movements that stem from the core, according to Very Well Fit

Only 9.87% want to try Orangetheory, 7.78% want to try TrampoLEAN, and just 4.36% want to try Pure Barre. Surprised? Well, it could be because a lot of people have already tried these classes.

Some other notable classes

As with any survey, some people chose the "other" category and wrote in what they would prefer or explained why they didn't select one of the workout classes listed. Health Digest's survey of 527 people had about 52 people check the "other" category.

A lot of people said they wouldn't want to try any of the listed workout classes and a few people said they weren't sure or weren't familiar with the workout class choices. One respondent even said they wouldn't want to try workout classes at all.

Yoga got a few write-ins, along with martial arts, water aerobics, hot yoga, P90X, archery, spin, balance, and walking. One respondent said they had a leg injury and couldn't try any of the workout classes. No matter what workout you're thinking you'd like to try, remember to always discuss options with your doctor before trying any new workout class, especially if you have a health condition.