The Best Workout For Your Triceps

Track down any random arm workout on YouTube and you're probably going to see a lot of the same thing. Curls, the overhead press, and maybe some lateral pulldowns. You might even get some pushups thrown in for the shoulder work. But the one group that usually gets left out of the fun is the tricep.

Your tricep is the muscle along the back of your upper arm. Specifically, it's an extensor muscle that's used to straighten out a limb. And while these muscles do get a little bit of a workout when you do other arm exercises, it's important to target them now and then so they're as strong as the rest of your muscles. 

Stack, a bodybuilding website, makes it clear why strong triceps are important. Triceps help stabilize your shoulders and make it easier to push or pull any sort of weight. This means that if you're struggling with chin-ups or pushups, then you probably need to work on your tricep strength. There are a few ways to do this. One exercise, however, stands out above the rest for both its effectiveness and its versatility.

Why dips rule

The American Council on Exercise often funds studies on different exercises. One such study focused on tricep-targeting exercises. The study found that triangle pushups were actually the best workout for your triceps. Dips were a close second, however. And when you factor in their accessibility and versatility and dips quickly take the lead.

Many people struggle with basic pushups and the triangle variation is even more difficult. This makes them hard for beginners to rely on. Dips are a little easier to start with and are easily modified to compensate for ability level and weak spots. Dips are also great for people with limited space or who work out in public spaces. Unlike pushups, which have you on the floor, tricep dips keep you hovering just above it. They're a more sanitary option at the gym and a good way to add in some exercise when you're on the couch or stuck in a chair most of the day.

Women's Health breaks down the dip: Start on a bench or seat and brace your hands on the edge. Slide forward, hovering your butt above and in front of the seat. Brace your feet firmly on the floor with your knees bent and slowly lower yourself down. When your arms are bent 90 degrees, push back up. Keep your shoulders rolled down so your triceps engage. Work a few reps into your regular arm routine and you'll be knocking out chin-ups and pushups in no time!