The Health Benefits Of Drinking Saltwater Might Surprise You

Drinking a glass of salt water, a drink commonly referred to as sole (so-lay), may not sound appealing at first, but there are some interesting and beneficial reasons to try a salt flush

While we have been repeatedly advised to be cautious of having too much salt, registered dietitian for Eat Clean Bro, Hillary Cecere, reminds us of why we do need salt, telling Refinery29, "Sodium, found in salt water, is an essential mineral. It helps regulate fluid balance and is required for muscle and nerve function. The body also uses sodium to control blood pressure and blood volume." 

Just as too much salt can increase the risk for health problems, so can too little (via American College of Cardiology). Getting enough salt can provide benefits beyond regulating blood pressure. According to the American Heart Association, salt is also responsible for the transmission of nerve impulses and helps promote optimal muscle function. 

Sole, however, is not made with regular table salt. Wellness Mama founder Katie Wells, states that the healthy drink is made using natural salt, like pink Himalayan salt.

The believed health benefits of sole

According to Healthline, drinking a glass of warm water with non-iodized salt, also called a saltwater flush, can help with constipation, colon cleansing, and even riding the body of impurities. Those in favor of this flush see it as a scrub for the colon. You can expect the urge for a sudden bowel movement about a half an hour or so after drinking the solution, as it does act much like a laxative.

Moreover, nutritionist Frida Harju-Westman states that sole, when made correctly, can work as an antihistamine for those diagnosed with hay fever (via The Independent). This natural beverage has also been said to support healthier skin, as it is rich in minerals that help heal infections and prevent pimples and blackheads (per PureWow). 

Kelly LeVegue, celebrity holistic nutritionist, recommends sole telling Well+Good how Himalayan salt "helps to protect the delicate balance of minerals in your cells, avoid excess water retention, and prevent premature aging."

While there are many claims on the efficacy and benefits of the saltwater flush, more scientific research is still needed on the subject.