Surprising Side Effects Of Diet Pills

Most have been in this head space before. Fed up and frustrated with not being able to fit into your favorite dress, or feeling the discomfort when the button of your jeans digs into your stomach. We understand the feeling, and the need to take control. When it comes to losing weight, there are a sea of options and approaches. We can give up our daily dessert habit, join a gym, or go out and purchase a Fitbit. You may also choose to fight the issue by taking diet pills. But before you go this route, we want to give you the whole picture and share the surprising side effects that aren't as often discussed.

First and foremost, know that most of the astonishing claims made on diet pill bottles or in their advertisements are not fact-checked or touted by the FDA, according to Eat This, Not That. So before we even dive into the surprising side effects, be aware that the pills you're buying may be totally ineffective and are under no oversight.

The side effects can range from mild, to serious, to just plain uncomfortable

If you're taking diet pills and have begun losing sleep, you can likely blame the drugs. This is because some diet pills use stimulants like phentermine, which can speed up your heart and cause restlessness and insomnia (via Drugs). In addition, you might want to pass on these pills if you have zero desire to try and pass kidney stones. Eat This, Not That claims that some diet pills contain the mineral calcium, which isn't tied to weight loss and can lead to kidney stones if dieters consume it in excess.

Kidney stones and sleepless nights are some pretty serious risks. And in addition to the better-known symptoms, Drugs reveals that many of these pills interfere with fat absorption, resulting in oily and soft stools and extra gas. 

While there are many routes you can take when it comes to battling the bulge, diet pills may be one to think twice about due to their potential negative side effects. And as always, you should consult your medical team about any supplements or medications you're considering adding to your routine.