Don't Eat This Before Going To The Dentist

Some people hate going to the dentist and others don't mind the trip. No matter how you feel about getting your teeth cleaned, you want to make the most out of your visit. One of the ways you can do this is by choosing what foods you eat before your appointment wisely.

If you're expecting a long visit, you should fuel up ahead of time to make sure you don't get hungry during your appointment. You should avoid simple carbs, which won't give you lasting energy. "You want to choose foods that will help to keep your energy level stable throughout your dental procedure, and highly processed carbs just aren't able to do that," says Brandon Cooley, DDS of Cooley Smiles Kenmore. "While they might provide an initial jolt of energy, once your blood sugar levels fall back to normal, your energy will also be zapped."

Cooley notes that low energy levels can make you feel more stressed, which will make your dentist appointment more difficult to get through. Opt for foods high in protein and healthy fats like eggs, almonds, or chia seeds (via Medical News Today). These foods will keep you full and satisfied through your appointment.

Avoid foods that can weaken or get stuck in your teeth before a dentist appointment

There are a few other foods you may want to avoid before heading to the dentist. According to Gary Lederman, DMD, citrus can weaken your tooth enamel and cause sensitivity or damage during an appointment. "Normally, it takes about 30 minutes for your enamel to re-harden, but if you chug some OJ right before you head to your early-morning appointment, your teeth won't have time to recover before your hygienist starts scraping away at your enamel," the dental clinic said.

You should also stay away from sticky foods before the dentist. Things like dried fruit, gummy candies, and beef jerky can all get lodged in between your teeth (via Mouth Healthy). Your dentist will have to spend more time cleaning your mouth, which means a longer dentist appointment for you.

You may also want to avoid foods like garlic and onions before your visit. These can stay on your breath for a long time and might be unpleasant for your dental hygienist. Do them a favor and keep your breath smelling nice.