The Strange Diet Chris Pratt Followed To Lose Weight

With his reputation as a lovable goofball, Chris Pratt may be the last celebrity you'd imagine on a crash diet. But in 2019, Yahoo! Life reported that the "Jurassic World" actor had posted to his Instagram about the diet program he was following, which has another surprising feature: it is biblically based.

According to their website, the Daniel Fast program is inspired by the biblical figure Daniel from the Old Testament. Founder and creator Susan Gregory explains in her bio that "God led me to start teaching about the Daniel Fast in 2007. My priority is to help you experience a successful fast as you center on God and grow in your faith through extended prayer and fasting." The fast lasts either 10 or 21 days, although the website states some choose to utilize the fast during the 40-day holy period of Lent, or even for longer periods of time.

What the Daniel Fast entails

Aside from water, the Daniel Fast requires the elimination of all drinks, even tea and coffee. Followers focus on eating a plant-based diet that includes fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, while excluding meats, processed foods, and anything sweet. The website offers resources for purchase that may be helpful for the fast, such as a package called "Come to Me" that includes a 7-part online course, recipes, meal plans, and daily devotionals. 

The popular star of "The Lego Movie" may have done well on the program, but as with any fast or crash diet, there is the question of health and sustainability. Is the Daniel Fast safe, and does it deliver lasting results?

Registered dietician Margarete Carneiro tells Yahoo! Life that, overall, the Daniel Fast is a healthy choice, stating, "The Daniel Fast is easy to follow and satisfying, as it does not restrict calories." In addition, there is research published by Lipids in Health and Disease suggesting that the 21-day Daniel Fast can improve heart health by reducing cholesterol and blood pressure.