Why You Should Start Doing Pushups With A Stability Ball

When someone mentions they use a stability ball, you might immediately think of yoga. And you wouldn't necessarily be wrong, as this piece of fitness equipment is often used during yoga sessions for extra support and balance, or to provide more of a challenge and enhance your workout (via VeryWell Fit). While a stability ball is a great addition to yoga, it remains a versatile tool that can be used in many exercise routines.

The exercise ball is available in many sizes (via Women's Health), it can be beneficial for those at every level of fitness, and can even be used at home (via WebMD). Jonathan Ross, the American Council on Exercise (ACE) 2006 personal trainer of the year, tells WebMD, "I named the exercise ball the one piece of essential equipment for fitness," and he goes on to say that using the ball keeps his workouts from getting boring.

If you are looking to rev up your fitness routine, the exercise ball can help. New York City-based personal trainer and fitness expert, Laura Miranda, tells Women's Health that, "...a stability ball is a great way to amp up exercises for the entire body: upper, lower, and core."

Using an exercise ball for increased strength and stability

Adding the fitness ball to compound callisthenic moves, like the pushup, can help increase your strength, balance, and fitness level. According to LIVESTRONG, a traditional stability ball push-up, or Swiss ball push-up, helps with improving pushup strength by placing emphasis on the chest, shoulders, and core.

New York-based physical therapist Sam Becourtney tells LIVESTRONG that Swiss ball pushups will help strengthen your core muscles, as you will be using them to keep the ball stable while performing the exercise. You will also work the shoulders differently than a traditional pushup, placing a higher demand on the rotator cuff. This is beneficial, as strengthening this muscle group can help reduce the risk of injury.

The placement of your hands during the exercise depends on the size of the ball you are using. Becourtney says that the wider the ball, the wider your hand stance should be. If performing the pushup with your hands on the ball is too challenging, start by putting your feet on the ball instead, keeping your hands on the floor, for an less strenuous alternative. Women's Health reminds us that the smaller the fitness ball, the more challenging the exercise will be. While the stability ball may not be for everyone, if you are looking for a more vigorous workout, it might be right for you.