The Real Benefits Coffee Has On Your Hair

Coffee lovers rejoice! There is yet another health benefit you can add to the list of why giving up your latte is simply not an option. While Johns Hopkins Medicine reports that drinking coffee may benefit your heart, liver, and brain, reduce the risk of stroke, and even decrease the risk of cancer, it doesn't seem to stop there. 

According to Healthline, coffee may also be good for your hair ... if you massage it into your scalp. A study published in the International Journal of Dermatology found that caffeine may enhance hair growth in both men and women by stimulating the hair follicles, as well as promoting blood flow to those follicles. Healthline reports that this can potentially accelerate hair growth and even make the hair stronger, although more research is still needed in this area as studies are limited.

Growth and strength are not the only benefits coffee can have on the hair, adding java to your beauty routine can offer some other improvements as well.

The perks of a coffee rinse

You may have heard of doing a black tea rinse to add more shine to your hair, but did you know that a coffee rinse is also beneficial for your mane? According to Healthline, coffee contains flavonoids, which are a type of antioxidant that support hair rejuvenation and can enhance natural sheen. A good coffee rinse can even help smooth frizz and support moisture retention.

Hairstylist Nate Rosenkranz of Honey Artists fashion agency tells Bustle, "Rinsing your hair with coffee can be beneficial to your hair because coffee, in general, has a lower pH than water which will help to lay the cuticle flat. A flatter cuticle equals more shine reflection in your hair."

While we all love a natural shine, the perks don't stop there. Black coffee rinses can help with those stray gray hairs, as rinsing your hair with it can temporarily darken, if not completely color the gray strands (via Glam). Using espresso can work best, as it's a darker color, and acts as a semi-permanent stain on the hair. For this reason, Healthline warns that those with naturally lighter hair may want to avoid the rinse.