Are Wheaties Good For You?

An orange box of Wheaties probably graced your pantry at some point as a child. Known as "The Breakfast of Champions," Wheaties is a cereal that is marketed as a favorite breakfast of athletes. But is this cereal really as healthy as it seems to be? Here's what you should know.

Fortunately for fans of Wheaties, this cereal is a favorite of nutritionists. One serving of Wheaties contains only 110 calories and four grams of sugar while boasting three grams of fiber and two grams of protein (via Eat This, Not That!). One serving of this cereal also contains 45% of your recommended daily intake of iron. Because it doesn't contain much sugar, Wheaties is most palatable if you add fruit or nuts to the cereal. While fruit and nuts are certainly healthy, they are often high in calories so you will need to watch how much you add. Opt for fresh fruit instead of dried, as dried fruit sometimes has sugar added during the drying process. In the same line of thinking, choose only raw nuts to add to your cereal. Roasted nuts often contain added oil and salt for flavor.

There are plenty of other healthy cereals available

If you're not a fan of Wheaties but enjoy eating cereal, don't fret. There are plenty of other options that can help you manage your cereal craving without compromising your diet. Another oldie-but-goodie to reach for is Cheerios. The first ingredient is whole-grain oats and each serving contains a decent dose of protein (via Prevention). Smart Bran by Nature's Path is another solid option that contains 17 grams of fiber in each bowl.

Plain oats may not feel like eating cereal, but they technically fall into this category. With no added sugar and only one ingredient, these are an excellent choice for breakfast. Bob's Red Mill 6-Grain Hot Cereal with Flaxseed is a favorite of registered dietician Tracy Lockwood Beckerman. "It's made with filling and fiber-rich grains like rye, spelt, and oats and has 0 grams of added sugar," she told Well + Good. "Because it's a hot cereal, I like to swirl in nut butter for added antioxidants and vitamins, or if I'm on the go, I will break apart pieces of Perfect Bar so it has melted and satisfying chunks of peanut butter."

No matter which cereal you pick for breakfast, choose one that is high in fiber and protein while being low in sugar and artificial ingredients.