When You Eat Too Much Candy, This Is What Happens To You

If you have a sweet tooth, you've probably maintained your love of candy long past childhood. Indulging in sweets every so often won't affect your overall health, but it can be easy to go overboard. When you eat too much candy, your body will react in a few different ways. The first thing that happens when you binge on sweets is that your blood sugar will rise (via Eat This, Not That!). Because candy doesn't contain any fiber to slow down the process of how it is broken down in the body, the sugar in candy will be absorbed as glucose in the bloodstream almost immediately. This can cause a boost in energy and other effects like jitters and anxiety depending on how much you ate.

Just as it enters the bloodstream quickly, the glucose will leave the bloodstream quickly as well. This can cause a sudden decrease in energy, which is sometimes referred to as a "sugar crash." This can be dangerous for people with certain medical conditions, but most people will just experience tiredness and temporary nausea. While this can feel uncomfortable, the symptoms should go away on their own after a few hours.

Too much sugar can cause other health problems

In addition to a spike and drop in blood sugar levels, eating too much candy can cause other issues in your body and brain. According to Everyday Health, consuming too much sugar can lead to weight gain. Sugar offers few nutritional benefits and won't leave you satisfied for very long. Although you are consuming a lot of calories when eating sugar, you will likely end up eating more in the long run because the sugar will not keep you satisfied. Eating large amounts of candy can also cause irritability, fatigue, acne, cavities, and joint pain.

If you find that you've gone overboard with your candy consumption, there are a few things you can do to feel better more quickly. According to Today, drinking plenty of water after a sugar binge can help flush out the excess sugar in your body. Getting your blood pumping with exercise can also help your body process the sugar more quickly. Something as simple as a walk or even moving around the house can make a big difference. You should also choose healthy and satisfying foods for the rest of the day. Foods that are high in protein and fiber will keep you full and help your body recover more quickly from a blood sugar spike.