Vitamins And Supplements You Should Pack When You Go On Vacation

Ah vacation. Nothing like taking a break from the everyday and traveling to a new or familiar area to relax and unwind. While the days leading up to your time off are filled with excitement and anticipation, there is usually a mile-long checklist for you to complete before you get back to daydreaming about the perfect vacay. Get someone to feed the cat. Clean out the fridge. And send back the three pairs of shorts you ordered because they look nothing like they did on the model, to name a few. Yes, the to-do lists we make before our holidays sure are long. And we have one more thing to add to them. Make sure you pack your vitamins before you take off.

Why the extra supplements? Because let's face it — traveling may be fun, but the germ-filled planes, Ubers, and hotel rooms might be a threat to your health. Especially when you are under extra stress from traveling. "The classic rules apply," says Frank Lipman, founder and director of the Eleven Eleven Wellness Center in New York City to The Healthy. "Eat fresh, whole foods; get regular exercise; get enough rest; steer clear of too much sugar." The extra dose of vitamins can "add a bit more firepower to your health arsenal," he says.

Pack vitamins and supplements that will help you relax and stay healthy

Some of the vitamins you take can depend on where you are going. No need to bring vitamin D if you're getting a little rest and relaxation in sunny Hawaii. However, The Healthy recommends bringing both magnesium and melatonin, as you might be struggling to get to sleep and fully relax after a long day of traveling. Magnesium has shown to help soothe muscle tension that can result from sitting five hours on a plane. And melatonin has proven to be an excellent natural slumber aid — it's the perfect addition to have if you're facing many nights away from your own bed. 

You may also want to bring a probiotic supplement, as your vacation diet is likely less regimented than your everyday eating habits. "Travel can be a challenge to our overall health — altered routines, sleep patterns, and even dietary changes can leave us feeling less than optimal, " says Erin Stokes, a naturopathic doctor. "I have a heightened awareness of supporting both intestinal and immune health while away from home, and that's why I always bring a probiotic supplement in my travel bag."

There is no need to fill your baggage weight quota on vitamins. Just remember to pack a few that will help you adjust to the new time zones and hotel beds, and another that will keep your gut health and immunity in top form. This way you'll be more likely to enjoy the vacation you've been daydreaming about.