Science Says Summer Babies Are More Likely To Have This Trait

Summertime babies come with a lot more than sunshine, school vacations, and lazy beach days. Of all the biological and environmental factors that can influence the development of our individuality, science tells us that our birth month may also be one of them.

University of Connecticut social scientist Mark Hamilton believes there are links to be found between one's personality and the month in which they were born (via Penn State). While these characteristics won't be universal to all summer babies, studies have revealed patterns that tend to emerge among those born within the summer season.

Of the many benefits to be gained for those born in the months of June, July, and August, heart health and protection against breast cancer and reproductive disease may be among them (via mabel + moxie). Physical health benefits aside, however, summer babies also possess one particular trait that's unique to their emotional and mental wellness.

Summer babies and mental health

A study conducted by the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology explains how seasons have a biological effect on our serotonin and dopamine production, both of which play a role in mood regulation. In the study, it was discovered that summer babies are more likely to display cyclothymic temperament. In other words, they are more likely to experience mood swings. Professor Eduard Vieta elaborated on these findings stating, "Although both genetic and environmental factors are involved in one's temperament, now we know that the season at birth plays a role too. And the finding of "high mood" tendency (hyperthymic temperament) for those born in summer is quite intriguing."

So how does this relate to mental health? As it turns out, even with the potential presence of mood swings, summer babies are not more prone to mental health disorders. In fact, an English study examining the relationship between birth season and psychiatric disorders found that August babies had lower rates of bipolar disorder (via mabel + moxie). On the contrary, summer babies are more likely to exude positivity. So for parents-to-be, you may soon find that your summer baby is exactly that — a ray of sunshine!