The Downsides Of Eating Too Much Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is a seriously popular snack. This creamy treat can be found in grocery stores everywhere and is hailed as a high-protein superfood. However, not every kind of Greek yogurt is good for you. According to Eat This, Not That!, many yogurt products are full of added sugars that can amp up the calorie amount and spike your blood sugar. "Greek yogurt should only contain milk and or cream and live cultures," said Elena Paravantes, RDN. "You should not be consuming Greek yogurts that contain gelatin, stabilizers, protein, sweeteners, flavorings, or other additives."

If you need to sweeten your Greek yogurt, add some honey or pure maple syrup. These options will affect your body more positively than the processed sugars found in store bought yogurt varieties. You can also add spices like cinnamon or nutmeg for flavor, or seeds and dried fruit for texture. All of these ingredients will help you enjoy your Greek yogurt with little added sugar.

The best kind of Greek yogurt to buy

As long as you opt for products with no added sugar, Greek yogurt is a fantastic food to add to your diet. According to Women's Health, fat-free yogurt may not be the best option. "Ideally, you want your Greek yogurt to have about 200 calories, a minimum of 2 percent fat, less than 10 grams of total sugar, and at least six grams of protein per serving," said nutritionist Maya Feller, RD, CDN. "The lower the fat content, the more likely they'll add extra sugar in, so you need to be mindful of that."

When following this criteria, Greek yogurt contains healthy fats and plenty of protein to keep you full after eating. This can be beneficial to people trying to lose weight. Greek yogurt also contains probiotics, which can improve your gut health and boost your immune system. It's also a great source of calcium, which is essential for bone health. Fortunately, Greek yogurt is a versatile ingredient that can be used in many different ways. Eat it plain or with toppings like granola and honey, or add it to smoothies for a boost of health benefits. It can also be used in homemade sauces and stirred into soups for a creamy effect. However you enjoy it, try to eat more Greek yogurt when you can.