What Happens To Your Shoulders When You Do Pushups Every Day

Pushups are an incredible bodyweight exercise. When you do a pushup, you are engaging not only your shoulders but the pectoral muscles in your chest and the triceps in your upper arms. Because you are also using your lower body when you perform a pushup, you are strengthening your lower back, abdominal, and core muscles (via Healthline). And the good news is that people who can do at least 40 pushups may develop fewer cardiovascular problems than those who cannot do 10, according to Verywell Fit.

If you find pushups are too difficult in the beginning, try a modified version with your hands on a bench or table. Follow the same technique as you would a regular pushup, keeping your body straight and your core engaged. While pushups can be difficult if you've never done them before, you will see results quickly if you do them consistently (via Very Well Fit).

You'll get stronger

If you've decided to incorporate pushups in your daily workout routine, you can expect your shoulders — along with other muscles — to get stronger. This means that you'll be able to do more pushups, which is a good thing because that can make doing other activities, such as lifting objects over your head or carrying groceries, easier, per mindbodygreen.

As your body adjusts to doing a certain number of pushups, they won't be as challenging as they were, and this, too, is a good thing. Why? Because advanced pushups are a thing and there are plenty to choose from, according to Verywell Fit. When you need a challenge, try doing them on a stability ball or with your feet raised. With diamond pushups, you put your hands close together with your fingers and thumbs touching while keeping your elbow close to your sides. When all of those become too easy, you can also incorporate plyometrics into your pushups by clapping midair as you push yourself off of the floor. Just ease into them to avoid injury (via Verywell Fit).