Does Soup Help With An Upset Stomach?

Soup is a dinner table staple among many households, especially when families are fighting off illnesses or an upset stomach. The liquid dish is a great option for help with an upset stomach, thanks to its salt contents. According to Medicine Net, soups are higher in salt and aid your upset stomach in reabsorbing water. During a bout of sickness, you may experience nausea, diarrhea, or vomiting, all of which cause you to lose body fluid. You've likely noticed you also don't feel like eating or drinking when sick, too. However, losing too much fluid can result in dehydration, ultimately leading to serious complications if you don't get treated.

In fact, Cleveland Clinic reports it's best to eat foods with both salt and sugar for an upset stomach because the two ingredients work well together. Salt can decrease fluid loss while sugar assists your body in absorbing salt. Having enough salt and sugar ensures your upset stomach doesn't end in a trip to the emergency room. Those with high blood pressure may want to opt for soup low in salt as a high sodium content can raise blood pressure.

The best soups for an upset stomach

Many people grab a can of chicken noodle soup when they aren't feeling well. It turns out this can be effective. Livestrong recommends trying out broth or broth-based soups first for an upset stomach. Some broth-based soups may include chicken noodle, chicken and rice, or vegetables. These types of soups are lower in fat, which is ideal for upset stomach relief. Soups higher in fat, like cream of chicken, may be harder for your stomach to digest, so you'll want to avoid those at first. And if you're a fan of spicy food, your best bet is to say goodbye, but only temporarily. Spicy soups are harder to digest, which is the last thing your stomach needs if it's already upset.

In addition to soup helping an upset stomach, Healthline reports it may also help with congestion or cold symptoms. If your upset stomach is due to symptoms of another illness, look to hot broth for relief. Congestion may cause you to experience nausea, but hot broth can open your nose, providing more relief for you in the long run.