Peloton's Emma Lovewell Explains Why Community Is Key To Achieving Your Goals – Exclusive

Emma Lovewell has always relied on a little help from her friends to achieve her goals. When she was toying with the idea of becoming a Peloton instructor in addition to being a personal trainer and group fitness instructor, she turned to her friends in the fitness community who were already part of the Peloton family. Lovewell knew superstar instructors Cody Rigsby, Jess King, Ally Love, and Hannah Corbin because they were all professional dancers together at the start of their movement careers. So, she got in touch with each of them before joining the company.

When she heard how happy and successful they were in the Peloton community, she decided to take a chance and reach out to the CEO, whom she met when she was in a commercial for a Peloton Kickstarter campaign. Lovewell auditioned and quickly became a part of the Peloton community. There, she discovered the true power that community can bring to achieving your goals.

In an exclusive interview with Health Digest, Lovewell explained how and why having a supportive community is crucial to achieving your goals.

Motivation through community

Emma Lovewell has witnessed the power of community again and again as a Peloton instructor. Her classes are attended by literally thousands of people, all of whom are showing up to work toward their fitness goals. Lovewell explained that knowing you're all there together, and working hard together, can be the motivation that people need when they don't feel like they can make it through the workout or when they don't want to work out at all. She incorporates this powerful sense of community into her teaching to further motivate her students.

"I think about what I would want to hear if I was working out in a room with an instructor," Lovewell told Health Digest. "So, I often say the things that I need to hear. I know when I'm climbing a hill, I don't want somebody to just stand there and yell at me. I want to know that they're working hard too. So, I make sure that I am working hard when I'm climbing and you're climbing and we are climbing together."

In 2022, Emma Lovewell is taking this idea of community motivation to a new level by partnering with Kite Hill for their Gateway to Good campaign. The campaign is using the #GatewayToGood hashtag on social media to gather stories about friends and communities that are inspiring each other to achieve their goals in the new year. When people share their stories using the hashtag, they're also helping to create a motivational online community.

Keep an eye out on Kite Hill's website and social media channels for details on a #GatewayToGood giveaway, delicious plant-based recipes, and tips from Emma Lovewell on how to inspire your friends and loved ones to open their Gateway to Good this year!