What Is The Most Dangerous Plastic Surgery Procedure?

Plastic surgery refers to surgery that reconstructs or alters a part of the human body. While it can be used as part of the recovery process for people who have experienced accidents, plastic surgery is mainly used for aesthetic reasons. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures include breast augmentations or enlargements, butt lifts, and nose reshaping. While millions of procedures are done every year, plastic surgery still comes with risks.

One of the most popular kinds of plastic surgery at the moment is a Brazilian butt lift, which is also referred to as a BBL (via BestLife). This procedure is achieved by harvesting fat from other parts of the body and injecting it into the buttocks. This creates a coveted hourglass look. While this type of surgery can create a lovely figure, it is the riskiest option at the moment. According to board-certified plastic surgeon Samuel Lin, MD, "death may happen as frequently as one in every 2,351 BBLs." The best way to avoid complications is to make sure you get your procedure done with a board-certified plastic surgeon.

The risks of a Brazilian butt lift

So what is it that makes a Brazilian butt lift (BBL) potentially so dangerous? The biggest risk of this procedure is a fat embolism, which can occur when fat injected into the buttocks gets into the bloodstream and eventually the lungs (via Insider). A fat embolism can be fatal. Other risks include blood clots and infection, which can occur with any surgical procedure.

Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to decrease your risk of a poor BBL outcome. All of these center around finding a qualified surgeon to perform your procedure. As the demand for BBLs increases, more people are searching for budget-friendly surgeries that are often performed by doctors with little experience in plastic surgery. This can increase your risk of complications significantly. A BBL can be performed safely when done by the right person. "Recommendations for these procedures should be made on an individual basis since there are many factors that would make them more or less safe," board-certified plastic surgeon Samuel Lin, MD, told BestLife. "For example, it is important that a surgeon performing a BBL is experienced in the procedure and trained in the safest techniques." When done by a qualified surgeon, many people will experience good results from this procedure.