Why You Should Never Get In A Hot Tub While Pregnant

Pregnancy can be a miraculous insight into the power of the human body. The changes that occur within a pregnant person's body affect the cardiovascular system, hormones, body structure, and digestive system, to name several (via Healthline). Thanks to the many changes occurring within the body, as well as the fact that you are growing a human being within you, pregnancy can also sometimes feel like an endless list of what not to do.

While there are certain things on the "what not do while pregnant" list that seem obvious, like avoiding drugs, alcohol, and smoking, per Medical News Today, there are also a few curveballs to steer clear of that you may not realize at first glance.

According to Healthline, painting, changing your cat's litter box, and certain rides at the amusement park are also big no-nos when you are pregnant. Another item on the list of things to avoid while pregnant is stepping into a hot tub, given the negative impact it can have on the health of your unborn baby.

Risks associated with hot tubbing while pregnant

People enjoy hot tubbing for a variety of reasons. Soaking in a hot tub can help ease stress and insomnia, relax sore muscles, and provide relief for achy joints, per Healthline. As these maladies are common during pregnancy, it may be tempting to jump in and enjoy the hot water and soothing jets. But experts warn that hot tubs may not be such a good idea when you're pregnant because of the harm the hot temperatures can bring to your developing baby (via Healthline).

Hot tubs significantly raise a person's body temperature, so this may be dangerous for babies in utero. According to the Mayo Clinic, research has shown that a raised body temperature during pregnancy may cause birth defects, particularly in the first trimester, when important developments in the baby's brain and skeletal system occur. While available research focused on women with raised body temperatures due to fevers rather than hot tub use, extreme caution should still be taken as the results could be similar (via Mayo Clinic).

If you're pregnant and eager for a safe way to soak, Healthline suggests dipping just your feet in a hot tub or opting instead for a warm bath, which will provide the benefits of a hot tub session, minus the risks.